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super big mac
Heterosexual, Anime, video game, comic and movie nerd (in that order.)

Also, I <3 teh pokemonz!!!!!

I. Am. Brony.
Take the test. I dare ya.
I got 94%
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@ basically all of y'all
Melody keeps reminding me of Monkey D. Luffy. "Hey, join our crew! WE ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE!" And other such silliness.

I kinda like walking in RPGs that are sandbox like Skyrim. I mean, I got Archery to level 98 by the time I was level 30, all considered. High health, pretty good stamina, and able to one-shot a dragon with a 3x critical when using my Hellfire Handcannon (Epic) Daedric Bow, with both Fire and Shock damage. Of course, if I'dd put fire and ice damage on the bow, I'd have called it the Antipode Bomber, in light of Chrono Trigger.
I started loving the show 'cause a friend a mine showed it to me. I showed him Highschool of the Dead, and he showed me MLP: FiM. I now have a shirt that says "This shirt just got 20% cooler" (Which is exponentially infinite, if you understand all them fancy mathmatics), A profile on (which, sadly, means I rarely come here any more), and a 94% on the test! Woohoo!
Dragon of the Eclipse is up! 2 or 3 chapters so far. Check it out!
woooo that is sexay~ <3
My friend has one. Surprisingly, My art is still total crap even while using it. ^_^; Here's to hoping that you're better than me!
heh heh heh...
I did that once, but I was moon walking >_<
@Shadow & Darkrina
I agree, I'm a brony, the show's awesome, and it's 10 FRAKKIN DAYS TILL EPISODE THREE!!!!!
*inhales* ... *exhales slowly*
Okay, sorry about that. Even my avatar thinks it's funny that I care so much. Lol.
I am so very sorry. I love Cthulu and Apple Bloom in this wonderus picture you have created.
I'd suggest...
Putting the Armor boot things on her front hooves too. Otherwise, it's kinda a waste of time, b/c what pony wouldn't fall on their face trying to land on their hind legs?
lol, someone beat me to EPS, apparently.
Bah! I thought of it a couple weeks ago when a UPS truck passed me on my way home from school, asked directions to my house, AND GAVE ME A LIFT. What can brown do for you? Give you a ride home from school. True Story.
Dragon Ponies... heh. My friend is making a comic or something where it turns out Celestia's some evil psycho trying to stop the sun while it's noon so she has unlimited power. Her sister Luna - The weaker, younger sister - tried to stop her. In order to even get close to stopping Celestia, she had raised an army to help er - an army formed hastily from those whose livelihoods had been destroyed by the sun's constant presence for a whole week. So far, Luna's son Cerberus has turned up at the castle, looking for his mother. He is badly injured in a fight against Celestia - who doesn't see his face - and drags himself back towards his cave in ever-free forest, where Zecora and twilight find him while gathering herbs. Here, we see him with his cloak partially removed, showing dragon wings. (This was mainly thrown in just because we couldn't wait for the S.S. Sparity to set sail before getting a dragony. Also, it lets us have the right to give that pic showing Spike and donkey some credit to team.)
I'd want to hear her sing a Jonathan COLTan song...
I spaz my tail up and... awkwardly... down!
you messed up on Simone...
Where is his mighty horn that will pierce thru the heavens?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Equestrian Postal Service
Here at EPS we will Ship just about anything: Anvils? No prob. Giant wagons full of hay? It'll get there in two clots and a gallop. Apple Bloom and Spike? Hmmm.... Well, they ARE cute together...
I wish to pit my flame-maned Brony versus that meme-pony. We shall have... a STARING contest!!!!
Pony's the new black...
Which is the new night. BTW:
@Elmithian (Guest)
The WAITER is a GUY. Where HE left the trays.
I saw that episode!
It's got something to do with Space core, Cupcakes, and a seriously freaked out, messed up, Pinkie 3.14.

That is, Pie.
They're Magically... {able to turn you and all your friends into bronies, pegasis', and/or hermaphicorns. You have been warned.} ...made with REAL Purple food coloring!
Thanks! Actually looks better than what I thought! Can't wait to see Wally in a dress...
Edit: also, she's the first derp I've seen that wasn't a horse, lol.