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Hi everyone, you can call me Azuly, I like yaoi, comics, mangas, drawing, painting, my boyfriend, eating, playing tennis and lots of other stuff. I'm working part time now, almsot no hours, but that leaves more time to draw~

I'm 19 years old, I love my job and I work hard to keep it, because I know they have been firing a lot of employees recently.

I like music and I play a few instruments, I'm still looking for my own drawing style, so no worries if it keeps on changing (when I'll start uploading stuff here).

And can someone tell me how to make my avatar work? Because it doesn't work ><
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Super great pages as always, but it should be "focus on those who do" and not does.
Yayyyy!!! Welcome back!
Hiiiiii! I love your story and your art style! I'll be looking forward for more! I would love some more content in between pages or chapters as it's a fun little touch most of the time. And I like your characters so I would love to see more.
May 28th, 2018
So sad! I was so happy to see you back too >< I'll go and add it on Tapas I guess then. Thanks for posting the link!
Yaaaay!!! Welcome back! I'm so glad to see an update!
@Arcane Allusion: The look in his father's face says it all.
March 19th, 2018
@portisHeart: You weren't expecting a chick with this guy? I have no idea what you were reading then cause it has long since been established that guy will basically do anything. XD
March 19th, 2018
@happybunnyntx: We already established this is a dream. Sometimes you still love a person who is awfully toxic to you. It's your choice to stay with them or not.
I don't know who that man is but he seems like a good guy for now
Hi Lehanan! I've always loved your art, stories and everything you make so much so I will never complain. I look forward to seeing more from you!
November 9th, 2017
Has somebody who has a sick older brother, who has been sick for his 28 years of life, I think I can say for sure here "People who are ill for extended periods of time often feel it would be a burden to constantly talk about it or that since it's something they have to live with, they don't want to talk about it all the time. My brother never shows fear to others, he's also the one always comforting our mother when she gets scared for him. Also he tends to not tell others when he gets worst because he doesn't want to worry them and he's sure he'll get better (my brother is very strong). Of course, everybody deals with things differently. But I know multiple people who are ill since childhood and most of them are the same now. They fight"
As someone who knows the Masquerade universe, I am loving every part of this. Izaak finally gave him blood so it's gonna get even more interesting now!
Awww he is so adorable. Poor little baby doesn't understand what is going on >< At least Kaoru is being quite patient with him (after all he was the one who insisted on Shizu comming).

I really like your comic, and am so happy it's back.
You have no idea how happy I am this story is back. I love it so much. Love the art, love the characters, as a gamer myself (and someone who has met her boyfriend online via gaming) I really love this story!
Obviously he wasn't gonna let that chance slip by.
Oh my god yes! I was waiting for this day!
That is so mean Kuran XD
These people don't know Kuran... XD
I love your story. I once met you people at a con a few years back and I was so happy! Really wish I could support you on Patreon too. Maybe one day! But unfortunately, for now all I can do is say I love your story, your drawing style and I am always looking forward to the next pages.
August 13th, 2017
I agree with Truthskin. Scott watched too much porn or something, is sex is violent, and he,s a jealous wreck. I wouldn't want that in a boyfriend. Reuben takes his time to take decisions what are going to be good for the both of them. He took his distance to think about their relationship, and he decided that he wanted to be with Carter even though Carter can be such a dick at times. I' just really looking forward to how this is gonna end.