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Don't take me seriously. I certainly don't.
Fffftfff these cuties
Oh gosh, the expressions on this page are so cute! Especially Fenton's in the second panel. Keep up the excellent work!
Oh no Fenton you precious bby GOSH.
The way you write dialogue is so great.
Whoa hey I didn't expect this! But what a cutie.
Violet is a cutie. Fenton's sister is a cutie. Everyone is a cutie.
I really like this comic aaah. uvu
Sausage party omfg
I really like Violet in that first panel. What a cutie.
Gosh, your dialogue is always great. :)
I dig the flow on this page. And, as always, the colours!
Oh, the eyebrows! And also, the cheekbones? They look more pronounced than before. Unless I'm looking into it too much. Great page, as always!
Wow CUTIES aaaah. This comic has a really interesting concept. I really dig it!
@avaz40: Ah, thank you!~

@Noodlesdesu: They live in a den of debauchery, oh yes.
Such gentlemen. Except Kyle is crude sometimes. BUT STILL.

@purplepaintjob: Aww yes. Ladies.
Ah, good. (Though it strikes me at this point that I haven't made today's page, which is a bit unsettling... haha.)
For some reason, the quality is horrible.
I wasn't really feeling this page. In fact, I really dislike it, haha. Chapter one will probably come to a close in a couple of pages. I don't like long chapters.

Soon, guys, soon there will be some chicks. Also, I'm thinking I should push the update day to Sunday, just so I can put some more time into these pages without having to rush through it during the school week. That okay with all of you?
@avaz40: Gotcha.
@rinalicat: Most definitely. But hopefully a filler is better than nothing at all...? XD;;
Yo dawg I heard you hate fillers...
...but I'm giving you one anyways.
I'm doing it wrong.

Totally dropped the ball this week with the page, guys, not gonna lie. This school week has been pretty rough, and I have a couple projects due Monday I haven't even started, so I need to focus on that.
So instead, have these crazy kids proudly displaying their nonexistent fashion sense.
I will have the page done for next Saturday, I promise.
If I don't, you can send me all the rude comments you want.

TL;DR yeah I know.
@Koolkatt: Aww, thanks! Glad you do.
@avaz40: It was completely necessary.
Fo sho homie.
@luluBRAWR: He lurks in the caves. Offer him a stable internet connection and use a master ball.
Haha, glad it did, and thanks!~
@Noodlesdesu: Good. GOOD.
Thank you! The back-and-forth between them is fun for me, so I'm glad you like it.
@rinalicat: And he's already potty trained, too.
Your argument is invalid because I made a reference.
I've been feverish and delirious all week, so this page probably makes no sense. Just humor me.

Comments are appreciated.
@rinalicat: You most certainly can, but see the reply I gave to avaz40, please. I've explained it. :)
@avaz40: It's not a dense question at all, don't worry. I was expecting someone to ask about it, since I didn't explain it. Myles is operating under the assumption that since Avery hasn't arranged a place to stay for himself yet, he most likely also isn't prepared for the cost of textbooks, supplies, and food. Since staying at a hotel can be expensive, that'll probably completely wipe him out of cash in a couple of days. As a college student with no backing from his parents (as they discussed on the other page), $95 is hardly sufficient enough for him (if he plans to stay in a hotel) to support himself while he goes (presumably) job hunting.
(I hope I explained that well enough. ^^; Sorry if it was long!~)

@Noodlesdesu: Thank you very much! Those ones were really fun to do!~

@SquashedChinchilla: Poor fool, indeed. He's lucky he's fictional, or I doubt he'd last a week.
Oh jeez. So do I. XD
Le facepalm.
You know it's bad when the token spaz scolds you for lack of preparedness.

As always, comments are appreciated.