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I'm a woman in her 30's. I like making comics for fun :)
I love drawing, my three doggies, my friends, manga, anime, comics, yaoi, yuri, art. The kinds of manga/comics I enjoy range from adventurous shonen to squishy shiny shojo lol
I actually own a house now so making comics has become a hobby instead of a dream to do it professionally. Its okay though. I really enjoy selling my art at anime conventions :)

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Yeah... Sorry for the Delay
Yeah, the page you guys have been waiting a while for... sorry that it's not groundbreaking.

I really love Bioshock and really love writing this story. Sadly it keeps bugging me that I can't really do anything with this story. Its only for some occasional fun. I really want to write this other story that is all mine and I can actually sell comics of it at conventions and artwork and maybe even publish it... but its hard to balance two comics at once.... so I think I am going to continue this comic, but maybe not put as much work into the pages. You guys will still get the comic and the story, just not as high quality. Save me a lot of time so I can try out some new stuff that I can proudly do and sell without fear of copyright. Hope this sounds good for everyone. <3
More to Come!!
I'm happy to see comments <3 'm working on more now!! No spoilers though ;)
Poor Don...
This guy keeps getting some pretty nasty hits... :/

Let me know what all of you think. I hope you are all enjoying the return of Black Decade. <3
Back from my convention
I am back from my convention and I will hopefully be able to put up some new pages more often. :)

Sorry for the Delay
Sorry for the delay. I had a family tragedy recently. (Also been preparing for a convention that is all good now)

I'll try to aim for regular uploads now 1-2 a week. :)

I hope you all are enjoying it.
@imaqt16: I actually haven't decided if I would go in that direction or not with this comic... I am obviously not against BL (speaking of another comic on my account that I won't name lol) I really like just their complicated relationship in this awful world and their struggle to get out first and foremost. It would be a bit rough to develop feelings of romance when you are tired and scared out of your mind all the time (at least for Billy, Don is a bit crazy so he doesn't know how to be scared). So sadly... I never really planned to make this a romance, but who knows, I am writing this as I go with just this fuzzy map in my head. Hopefully this comic not exactly being a BL doesn't stop you guys from reading... I am going to try to keep it interesting! Also a new character will be coming soon who I think BL fans will enjoy.
@Sim-Infected: Aww, I'm glad that you are enjoying it.
And have a bonus page today <3
I had some extra time at work so I did two new pages :)

Dons hair is my favorite hair to draw... <3
I did it again lol
Another page guys <3 I'm doing my best to keep this up.

I really missed drawing these boys. They have such fun faces and hair. :)
@Sim-Infected: Thank you for not giving up hope <3 I plan to, even if I can't get a page up every week I may do a bonus art <3
@Moofledeedums: I plan to make this a weekly or biweekly upload :) I'm also preparing for a convention in April (I sell art and plush <3) But I'm going to do my best!!
No worries
@BarelDragons: I never planned on this going outside the Bioshock 2 universe. And this is not a huge spoiler. They will never meet the main cast. This comic is just focused on Billy's story. :)
@BarrelDragons: I wouldn't have blamed you, its been literally years :( I bought a house... its been crazy for a while. Things are pretty chill now. <3
Well... I'm trying to start this again. It will be slow, but I'm happy that I finally uploaded a new page. :)

I adore Bioshock... so... here we go again. Did anyone miss Bill and Don and their hijinks?? :D Maybe?...

<3 For anyone who waited this long I adore you and I promise to do more pages. It will take time, but you won't have to wait years again.

Thank you to whooleyk. You reminded me about my love for this series. :) Thanks for spreading the word.
I will be trying to Put up a new page <3
@Taitairox and @Audrant:

Thank you for enjoying this comic. I do very much love it. I just have so little time and I wanted to work on some original work, but maybe if life can leave me alone I will try to get a new page up once in a while :)

You can follow me on DA- irukasdove and tumblr- kittysupreme
Drawing the cage thing on the Sisters back is pure misery lol.

It was brought back to the gritty brown tones again. Doing color pages would probably take 2 weeks each... mainly since I work a full-time job and I babysit 3 days a week. :/

Has Don met his match? Find out more later :D
Took a while for this one too, hope it looks good.

I'm aiming for Thursdays as my upload days.. least that is what I will attempt... ^_^; (I'm uploading it at 2 am on Friday... so... almost made it. :P

I am kind of debating whether to just continue it with the rough pages... coloring takes soooo long. We will see how this week goes <3

Again thanks for the comments, they make me happy and motivated XD
It begins :D
Hello everyone... I worked forever on this.

This cover features our favorite psychopath Mr, Patrick. I wanted to give it a dreary creepy feeling. How did I do? :D

Next page may take a week or so... cause I'm going to color that one too. I promise to make it pretty <3

Thanks again for the comments!!
KermitsGirl, bluswordgrl, Sim-Infected, WolfEclipse, Soitan:

Well guys, thank you very much. I am so happy all of you still haven't given up on me XD Guess I'm in this one till the end!
Life has been nuts... so I am so sorry that I have not uploaded anything for so long. I wonder if anyone is still waiting for the next page... I don't blame anyone if they have given up at this point lol (though if most did I guess I'll move on to a new project... but only if theres like no one really interested in this comic anymore).

Please comment if you want me to continue <3 I will do it if I at least get 5 comments, thats all. I will give it a week <3

Newho I am in the process of coloring the next page... I don't have a lot of time to work on it, but I do whenever I have a chance... my last days off were spent babysitting and I couldn't work on it... I have next Thursday off so I am totally going to spend it finishing the page. (I am speaking of coloring it with Photoshop... I actually have the beginning chapter sketched out and partially inked already)

Till it is finished I figured I would give you all a teaser of another character who is yet to be seen... :o Could he be a friend or foe??? Guess we will see.

Thanks for reading everyone!