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Well, I have to say, I'm pretty honored in having Jackie taking a win for the team. Thanks for having him once again on the season, glad he took a win, I tip my hat to you, and my Jackie stuffed doll bids his to you as well!
Yep, I called it! Oheda makes fun of the hairstyle, I called it.
Eh, the hat was really an additional thing I added, so it's not that big of a deal... At least my stuffed Jackie will be fine... hat or no hat...

Either way, the green mohawk... this is going to get interesting now...
Well, Jackie is now officially embarrassed by that mohawk showing... at least it's Minerva... if it was Oehda or about everyone, he wouldn't hear the end of it...
(puts Jackie stuffed doll next to computer) YES! Jackie is back... and his secrets will be revealed! (Well of course. I DID know about Jackie returning, after all.)
Alice- 5
Emilee- 5
Freddie- 5
Geena- 3
Heinz- 8
Iraenus- 7
Jackie- 10
Johnny- 1
Kiara- 4
Malik- 1
Matt- 1
Melanie- 2
Oehda- 10
Penny- 10
Shaniqua- 10
Xero- 9
Oh well, it's cool.

Thanks for putting Jackie in your comic, I really liked the way he played the game.

(My stuffed Jackie waves good-bye)

Even my own stuffed Jackie is waving good bye too, isn't that sweet?

Anyway, thanks for putting Jackie in the game, if he comes back for a future season, let me know.
(squeezes Jackie stuffed animal)

Man, it's been two comics in, and I'm liking my Jackie already!
YAY! Jackie gets the first confessional of the season! That's great!
(hugs my Jackie stuffed doll) It's going to be fun seeing my Jackie competing in your comic!
WHOO HOO! Here's hoping Jackie (don't call him Jack) makes it far!
Come on, lucky K's. Be good to us! Don't fail us now!
Did you intend to have Derek sit out, or have Derek in the challenge? Because Chloe was both sitting out and playing the challenge.
Hmmm... right now, it looks like a three way tie...

Lauren: Russell, Krauss, Skazz
Ker: Jasen, Betty, Bo
Krauss: Driz, Lauren, Ker

Somehow, I doubt Ker's going to go. Maybe it's Krauss.
Oh, so this is the infamous Russell, huh? Interesting...

Yeah, a friend on Smackjeeves shown me this site and I've figured I read a few of the comics... I really enjoyed the comics, they are hilarious, dramatic, and funny! I was really hoping Zim would last longer, but what can you do?

Anyway, I'm rooting for Teen Titans, Get Fuzzy, Mighty Mouse and Flintstones to pull off a win!