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Unfortunatley, I do not have the talent of an artist, so I do not have any intentions of posting any work. Although, I do believe to at least have a bit of the talent of a writer. I will have my page here if any one feels the want to visit there.

This profile is simply to give feedback to others.
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    Calista Cousland
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Ahaha!(: If they were fat children with those cookies, Sten would steal them for sure(:

That's exactly what I was thinking! >u<
love this page!<3

also, wallis is really cute with his hat off haha(:
@BattleStarX: haha(: I actually rather enjoyed it! Though not as much as Origins, that's true...
beautiful page!(:

but in the first speech bubble, she should say, "I think you are hurt" instead of "I think you hurted."

keep up the great work!(:
November 21st, 2011
yes, yes, yes!!(:

finally!! im so happy!<33

i hope she likes him backkkk!!!<3
November 18th, 2011

i hope its eric!! ...but its probs that khalil guy :(
ten points for gryffindor!(:
aww(: maybe phil sent a flower, and now he has to give it to hailey himself... that would be adorable!(:
have you ever licked a lamppost in winter?(:
kyaahh!! twilight sparkle doll!(: i love it!(: and your discord profile pic, btw haha(:

i think the gender switch was a good idea!(: will there be any future romance?(:
September 30th, 2011
@omgfruits: i see what you mean!(: but i think hes just being vague about covering up the good that they do in general, not the requests they get and stuff(:
September 30th, 2011 <33

in the second panel it kinda looks like he's holding her hand(:

anyways this is just too adorable!!<3
September 25th, 2011
maybe cora'll say something like, "i wish this could all reverse!" and then that would activate the reversing of time, kinda like how she accidentally stopped time when she yelled out "stop."

though that theory is probably just my imagination running wild!(:
it would be awesome if eric and vivian were related. that way, cora and eric would be together<3 and it would give a good reason for all the bickering! haha(:
i love that poster in the background haha(: