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I'm a girl who's really random and favours her animal sounds. I'm a Spelling and Grammar Nazi who likes Yaoi. Hit me up!
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HNGGGG. I love it so much.
OH HO HO! I like. ;DD
Lovin' Alan's mum. <3 Haha, I'll let it go because this page is vurry filled looking. ...Now I wait for the next page~
Years?! LOL, presssssure! :D ...Your mini cliffhangers scare me a little. OH! And just so you friend and I use these phaces in the real world and we get some's hard to contort your phace like that.

;D Cannot wait!
AND 1oo,ooo,ooo,ooo shojo sparkles come out of nowhere&&blind us; at least they fall in love though the end (<---- I'm scared of thiss) LOL, Yay, I'm not dumb! You're gonna be my friend someday! WHUT? (Sound Fermiliar?)
Yes. :D Can't wait for a new pagee.
Love this page...AGAIN! I forgot what I was really gonna post though cuz I was looking at your background and I am wondering...who is the dark haird hooman in the circle? *does not want to feel dumb*
Just Wanted To Say
Your page updates make me so happy. They make my day and when I find out one has been updated I start to dance! lol, I love these so~ much and I can't wait for the next page.
I love this with the burning passion of 1,ooo Can't wait for the next page.
xhjfbvis Of couse I read it all like a good kid and when I get as far as possible this is the page I get stuck on...POST MORE MAH LUVLY!