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Final Hikari
I am a novelist and freelance writer who holds this highly neglected account to keep an eye on my favorite webcomics. :D I didn't sign in for a year or two until recently. XD

You can find me on DA all the time though, and my screen name there is TheFinalHikari.

Now go check out Iniphineas' Land of the Sky and the LotS Preview Book! :D
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The contrast between Takashi and Hiro's reactions is hilarious and so well shown with their last two panels!
THOSE ARE SOME COMPLICATED KNOTS. Those girls sure know how to tie ropes. XD
Oh my god, these corny things he writes! XD This comic is really cute, Hiro is such a dork that he's a really fun protagonist.
Looks like an interesting cast of characters! <3

I like the boy with red hair best. XD *brick'd*
Wow, very well drawn roses! <3