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Wander Tones
I haven't really updated this since I joined, which was about Mid-October. Oh well, at least I'm doing it now, which is pretty good except for the fact that my explanation of this is pretty long, and I tend to make things longer than they should be.

Well, this was a bit explaining that I'd be starting a webcomic called "Double-Body" with the DeviantArt user "sammybunny3" and the SJ regular "Sonic-Ock", but sammybunny3 unfortunately became too busy to work with myself and Sonic-Ock. As such, I am in search of a new artist to work with me.
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Especially when you get a bit of lag, and just as you make it through the door... you jump back to in front of it.
@Megadriel: The cover is just a tribute - Laura, in the comic, is just an actor with a slightly different appearance to most.
From my experience with rainbows, I would have thought that Kitty would find his trip spicy rather than sweet.
I vote for that pumpkin costume, it looks so realistic.

Then again, I should learn from that one time with the radiator woman from the radiator planet... nah.
Wow, the News Paper Writer's Banquet sounds like it's going to be the best night ever! Well... at least for Kitty it will.

Chelsea will probably go insane thinking that nobody reads her articles and don't want to be her loyal readers anymore.
@Mr Aids: Yes. Yes it has.

@MacSimon: Expect a comic, obviously.

And to all... six people who have already favourited this comic: Thank you. It's great to know that the community takes interest in a comic that hasn't even started yet, as it's a real boost in motivation.
I should put a mention here, as this is actually the first time I've seen this (well, not really the first as I saw it earlier today, but only on this page). This is amazing. It actually looks like what you'd expect from a real comic in terms of the cover, especially the art and its style.

Oh, and just to make it clear, this is not what the theme of the comic itself is. It's more of a drama comic than an action one, and Laura is definitely not a superhero.

@Nymine: Yeah, it's great to see this finally start for me too, after all this waiting and preparation. However, the wait was definitely worth it, as I feel that MadameEvelyn is going to add a lot to this comic.

@Elastikid: It's not just the art that matters, even though it is a large and prominent feature: good writing (even for a comic made with stick figures) can make a comic really successful.

And yeah, that's pretty much what the organisation is for the comic in a nutshell. The planning for it is mainly mine, as I have the original idea in its entirety, but MadameEvelyn can add her own ideas and suggestions, as well as interpreting what I write.
Hang on, I just noticed something...

...where's the rest "Glass Fruit Emporium" owner's body?
@Yakkity That works with the last one.

I thought that one of those would have been "You need to be a human", but considering that Chelsea's probably being considerate, it is possible that she left it out on purpose.
Kitty didn't even get to the best bit:
when the doctor takes off his pants.

You know what pufferfish do when they get surprised.