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Thank you very much! It was a truly inspiring and interesting adventure to follow all this time!
I'm a sucker for that beautiful chest hair
Please let that be an old drawing of Atty's that his parents sent there or something. PLEASE
The guard dude's silhouette kind of looks like a centaur here. :D
I love all the princesses so much! I can't help but wonder what stranger things than marrying an egg has happened to her haha!

Don't worry about the schedule! We'll gladly wait for each gorgeous page <3
These are the cutest princesses! Can't wait to see the third one!
The princesses are so cute!! I love their braids and freckles!
I love how they're all so chill! A man just comes to meet the king without an appointment. The king is like ok I'll give one of my daughters for a magic man. I love it!
Oh so he's good at rhymes! Nice poem there, fella.
I once said "hello" in voicechat after several other team members had said so. Chat was immediately filled with "a grill, lost already". We won and I got POTG but I will never speak in voicechat again.
I love the sun and moon designs so much!
Lovely page! I love your sceneries and the transition from night to morning is so pretty!
I love her! Such cute sass she got, hehe!
@MadMindInk Ohhh, of course! That's it then, haha!
I'm very excited! Lovely colors and and details!

I'm also having a weird deja-vu. Have you posted this before somewhere?
Fish! ;_; Now I want a magicarp... need to start a new game and only get magicarps.
I have waited.... 3 years.... to see him again... thank u Hirn. Thank u Milk
@timefox: If you google search ICU, this is pretty much the design you'll find. :)
Are those Eevees gigantic or am I just... not understanding the page correctly.....
It's been a long and wonderful ride. I loved the story and the characters and I loved following you for so long and seeing how you improved through the years. Your style, coloring, storytelling... Every page is more beautiful than the page before.

I feel both sand and happy about this story ending! It was wonderful to follow it through, and great to see it to the end, but having followed it right from the start makes me feel a sad nostalgia and kind of melancholic to have something that's been in my life for so long to end.. :) Good job!

I will definitely follow your future projects too. :) Thank you for these great years and for seeing this project to the end, despite having some bumps in the ride! This story is beautiful and I'm glad I got to experience it.