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I am a huge pokemon fan, but also a anime geek!
Party in the Mystery Dungeon
Bulbasaur put his hands up
They're playing his song
A butterfly flies Squirtle's way...
Nodding his head like yeah
Something something like yeah...
Dragonthing used fearhug!
It's super cute!
LOL at Munchlax's expression!
Hopefully winter in Black and White won't make you move so slow!
Bresong: Which of course evolves from ARBOK!
Yes, I was being random.
October 10th, 2010
In one of the more recent episodes, he's battling the ground type Elite Four from Sinnoh, and I was VERY surprised he did not send out Pikachu.
The vaporeon looks so cute after it evolves! The expression is great, you draw really well!