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Is this your professionally thought up excuse to introduce conflicting sprite styles :V
That moment where you notice stone Whispy has no upper lip.
Because no one really dies due to the Video Game logic of respawning, suddenly Kirby eating everyone doesn't seem so morbid.
Oh my God are you actually making a SERIOUS one this time around?
I sort of miss when the comic was more humorous and slap-stick. It's become a bit too serious and dramatic now, every scene is like a real life confrontation.

EDIT: But you just said that, heh.
August 3rd, 2012
I'd hoped this comic wouldn't go in the evil Super Amy direction. Sigh.
"Da-da-da-bud-ump-bump-bud-ump-bump-Da-da-da-bud-ump-bump-bud-ump-bump-Da-da-- !!"
1 looks better on paper, but 2 will be much less distracting in the long run and actually stay bearable.

So 2.
Woopie, this comic only comes back once in a lifetime!
I don't mean to suddenly criticize your art but, why do all the hedgehogs have such floppy quills, as if it's hair or something? A hedgehog's quills don't necessarily need to be as stiff as iron, but should be somewhat in form.

Sega makes Sonic's quills shift from time to time, but not flail around all over like hair.

Also, "Assplosions".
I sort of dislike how the koopas are making no effort whatsoever to fight back. They're just standing there...
Inb4: Sonic The Beaverhog, ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL!!!11
Oh hey, I'm back or something. Was just getting sprites for the comic done.
Yes, you definitely overstepped the line.
I added this comic because the storyline was great for a Sonic Fan-Relationship Comic, but now I'm just embarrassed that its in my favorites box. I hope you can redeem yourself and continue with the good stuff again.
Gotta love the mysterious antenna-bangs in the 2nd to last frame *shot*