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Snap! what will happen next!
I agree with you, I think I'm going to try to revamp the comic with a whole nothing style, with color, (because I, too, have been feeling like that's a problem,) and maybe make reoccurring characters that are unique.
Woo! It's so awesome to see this strip semi-back. Best thing to happen all week. I started my own comic because of this strip, but no one read a single one, so I quit after like 20, but I update it irregularly, it's
Helps McGee
Helps is VERY eccentric.
Paintball fight
no one wears any armor in these games, as they are intense!
Rinse and Repeat.
For more fun, print the strip, and paste it's front to it's back for a circle of continuous sin!
Algebra Homework.
Poor Prof. Reynolds. It seems he just got a bad batch of students this year. They can't even draw their graphs down to the micrometer.
Valentine's Day
This also works for any other day of the year.
Yup, a joke on the phrase, Don't have a Cow, as portrayed by a redneck Old McDonald and a poorly drawn Bart Simpson. You saw it here first. Also a joke on how butchering a song can be related to butchering a cow.
Penny's own comic would be great, but not as good as SBK. I'm still it's biggest fan.
Happy Halloween, watch your children (as they walk away.)
In color!
Halloween series part Two, this time with a splash of color.
Part One
Part one of a series of Halloween comics.
Two Facts
Two facts you are required to know for this comic to be funny:
1. On a KIDS television show there is a starfish named Patrick.
2. Starfish can asexually reproduce by losing an arm and then growing it back as the arm grows back a body.
Stephen King
Stephen king is actually not as bad as this comic makes him out to be. It's just if it were Stephanie Meyer books the captain would have burned the books instead of killing himself.
she is supposed to be sitting on a rock. I have failed you.
He's a couch potato, too!
He's going to be walking on eggshells for a while after talking to her like that.
The most crucial part of this comic is realizing that the chalkboard is not on the wall, it is on little legs. This changes the whole perspective.