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Hi, it's Noodles~! I enjoy drawing, anime, manga, that sort of stuff... so... yeah... hm... the stuff I draw is usually pretty child-friendly. I like drawing wimpy guys and cheerful girls. And supernatural stuff. Yeah.
Two men living with two women?
Ah well, I'm sure they're perfect gentlemen. XD Also ambiguously gay, so yeah.
Scumbag Steve is my new favorite insult.
I love this page so much. XD The dynamic between Myles and Kyle is awesome.
I love the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th panels. So much.
Myles needs to learn that people are gonna think weird stuff about them regardless of what Kyle says. XD
Oh my. More people.
Pff-- he's so spaztastically adorable.
Avery just gets more adorkable as this goes on
I didn't even notice the derpy houses until you pointed them out. XD
At least he can stop talking to himself now.
I am excited to see how this plays out. :)
Aww you poor baby~
What supportive parents he has. They seem like such a friendly lady and gent.
This guy.
Why's he gotta be so cute?
Honestly. He needs a hug.