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I love crossovers, especially Danny Phantom ones. I like making crack pairings. All my fancomic's are AU. Expect uncharacteristic traits from the characters I use.
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@Guest: I'm working on remastering it.
@SmartR14: Indeed I do.
@darkmavrik: lol yeah, it has been a while hasn't it? XD Sorry, real life and lack of care for this fandom anymore. the story IS finished but I'm currently compiling it all into a single flash file so that it will only take up one submission on my new dA account.

like the comic's newsletter said earlier, I lost the will, and the right paper, to finish this comic AS a comic, so most of the rest of it has become an illustraighted fanfic.
And... TA-DA!
Thank you those few people who listened to my request and gave my friend Llama badges 83 The entire point of that... well I just wanted to spam her inbox.... BUT REGARDLESS! I think you guys got the better half of the deal. Sorry only one page since it was only about 5 people who gave a badge.

But hey! It's not like it's the end of the world or anything XD The rest of the comic to be revealed at a later date~

And here we enter the current Tallest's, Spork and Miyuki! and since this IS an AU comic they are also Zim, Red and Purple's parents!

@AyameAsakura: Workin' on it >; )-
@Bug: no. Like many of my comics I allow the readers to insert their own characters to be used. She came with the name.
@Journeyplatypus1011: when I press reply it adds the name in automatically.
@Journeyplatypus1011: lol true true
@Journeyplatypus1011: XD well thanks. Too bad it hasn't been update in ages.
Sorry XD; I'm trying to get updating again.

Made a video too X3
Miss Me?
XD; sorry for the extreme waiting period. I honestly didn't realize it had been that long.

Ah well. Some fanart got me in the mood to make more of this so I did so.

Apparently, that pit fall leads to the Little Zim comic XD

As you can find Drone Jakk over there appearing on page 59.
XD yeah I thought so and yeah... so far I havnt had time to change the others anyway XD
XD Ahhh so much easier to read when typed. don't you think? Now i gotta fix all the other pages XD;
that's more then i have. there were so many people swearing up and down that they would make an entry and never did.
well i was holding off on updating until after the contest finished but no one wants to enter it so i guess that's the end of that -_-
Lots of words here....
Yeah I had school to but I skipped for this XD
It is indeed ;)
OH YOU!! XD I remember you now heheh.

You know I always forget this but there is a group on dA made just for the LZ fans who hate pm XD called uh... destroyPM

XD there's an lz club too