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I seem to be hiding in a hole somewhere again.

I have a tendency to appear out of nowhere and then disappear without a word.

Pick Me Up - Oops?

Randomness 101 - INDEFINITE HIATUS

Princess LeiLei~ I miss you and your pretty boy hair
Have I mentioned I missed reading your webcomic? Because I have. :3
And now for another three months of nothing from me... XDD;;;
To be honest, I forgot about this comic till just now...
Well, thanks for taking a peek at this comic. There are more short stories about these characters brewing in my messy mind. Maybe it won't take two years to execute them this time. Haha...

In the meantime, you could check out Fading, which is the only other comic I've ever completed... it is also 4 years old though. Haha...
Was unexpectedly stuck in New York. Haha... I should go ahead and work on their other stories. ^^;
See how cliche this already is? I blame my friend... and how old this story idea was... haha.

Anyway, I'll be in Canada for the rest of the week! 8D
I don't draw pages in order and some of you will probably be able to tell. If by the end of this story, you can tell me what order I drew these pages in, you win a prize! 8D
Hi hi~
Chances are I'm not home right now. I'm probably in Florida somewhere hangin' with my lover~~~

Pages start on the 19th of June! Please look forward to it and I hope you enjoy my short little one-shot!

Ian, Master of Disguise! lol
I suppose you can call this a cover... This may or may not be replaced by something better. LOL

Anyway, this is the cover to this little slice-of-life comic I decided to draw. This will be a collection of interconnecting one-shots-- not always within the same timeline.

Each story will be uploaded as I complete them. Though they may take a while since this 15 page one took me a whole year to churn out. orz

I suck. LOL!

Be prepared for extreme cliche! That's right! It'll be so cliche you'll vomit a little.

Anyway, pages will be posted sometime in June/July!
xD I have some soap at the ready for ya Cammy dear. ;D

Haha! Let me be the one to remind you that you brought it up. Jus sayin' ;P
Ooooh buuuurnnn
Ouch Solaris... Ouch. XD

I love Cammy anyway ;DD

(Billy's mad face makes me lol)
Oh Cammy~~ >w< *huggles* That attention whore! XDD

It could happen man. I don't know! DD<
*crosses arms* Yeah, now I feel badass too. XP

What's Solaris suppose to be saying in the second panel?
Oh poopie. XD Fine >x<

Everyone's got their arms crossed... must... resist urge... to cross... ARMS!!! @A@
Hee hee, I caught up. >w<
I spy me a Ca... Wait... am I allowed to say it? o___o
I'd tap that. ;P

Poor baby. XD
Oh these two are just adorable!
I... I've caught up...

Fucking epic mannnn. XDDD

You don't know how much I love you right now! 8D <333
Even though we all knew it was gonna happen.... I'm still sad. D'8

Can I have his eyes?