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Lesson Learned
Things are picking up!
Blood Magic
Time for some magic!
Best Laid Plans
So, Seamus wants to help Manio escape? There's gotta be a catch...right?
King Of Hell
Things are shaping up, and what's with all the cloaks?
The Dark Side
We're seeing a more twisted/darker side of our lovely friend here thanks to the corruption in Hell.
Yikes, that's dark.
Familar Demons
If you read the original comic you should recognize the familiar face aside from Sonic.
Welcome To Hell
Well, at-least there's a familiar face in Hell.
Ghosts Of The Past
Manio comes back from his time in Hell. But how did he?

EDIT: Since Forsaken Valor ended abruptly, I'll be explaining the events leading up to We Are Souls in this comic :)
September 14th, 2014
@jameswolf100: Awesome. Got your PM. I'd love to have you in the comic.

It's going to deal alot with demons, angels, hell & heaven. Really, really dark.
September 13th, 2014
Forsaken Valor's Sequel
The sequel to my original sprite-comic "Forsaken Valor". Cameos will be accepted.

If you want to read the entirety of the original comic you can do so from the official DrunkDuck page here:
Adapted from an episode I've written for my Doctor Who animated series. The Shalka Doctor regenerates and his next incarnation is Irish. Loads of fun.