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Keep Rocking!
@Gibson Twist: Though I said I wouldn't comment, I feel this is very appropriate.

After I read your latest page comment and forum reply, I had to say something. Please keep in mind this is not to judge those with differing opinions.

Some of you may not remember. Think about February of 2007. Since then, it has been Six Years and over ONE THOUSAND pages of story. Regardless of how the story continues and ends, I highly appreciate this dedication and commitment Twist has put forth to make this happen.

Outside of offering fans a way to donate at their own will and to offer sketches/prints/book edition, Gibson Twist has asked for NOTHING in return. He doesn't seem the type to brag about himself in this way (feel free to correct me), so I figured as a reader I would throw this out there on his behalf. For those that are new readers, or some who have forgotten, just think of all that work that has been produced, at no cost to you.

Kudos to the veteran and newcoming readers sharing their loyalty and support ...can you feel that positive energy Gibson? I hope so, you are appreciated!! Six years, 1,000+ pages of a well thought out story, with even more to come! Well done man, Keep on Rocking!
My Apologies
I am truly sorry if my previous comments implied I was condoning violence, jealousy, or caused any discomfort. When I look back at the previous page, and now your comments MrTwist, I can see how I may have come off as pretty shallow.

Jealousy is terrible, which I can attest to first hand. Insecurities along with anger that can come out of nowhere, somehow finding this false foundation that disguises itself as "thinking clearly". As we witnessed, it led Sam to violence. Would it have been better for both characters if Sam would have had the self control to stand up to Rick's manipulation by being confident and possibly just walking away? I think it would have, most definitely. However, in my mind I was siding with Sam because I saw a bit of myself, some years back, with a similar situation. I wish I would have had the foresight and the knowledge I obtained later in life to have calmed myself down and left that certain situation entirely.

My fault was not giving the possible pain and angst that Lauren could have been dealing with internally enough credit. Not just in my comments, but while getting involved in the characters, I was empathizing with Sam's turmoil, and did not give Lauren's perspective a fair chance.

If it's not meant to be, let it ride. It took me years after those "college days" to realize that. When all is said and done, these kids are young and figuring life out. I am stepping back from the judgemental soap box I created and will just watch this awesome story unfold =)
We all Win =)
I am glad these last chapters have gathered so much attention and conversation! This is what great writing does, it makes you think. It's not just black or white, good or evil.....

With that being said, I want to clarify that in no way am I demonizing Lauren, or being sexist towards her. So often we want to get on the bandwagon of our "favorite character" and glorify their actions.

If you remember, Michelle has been very hesitant about Sam. In some cases, referencing possible violence. Whether this came from evidence or this was just her being defensive, we'll have to wait and see.

We have seen multiple abusers/abused in Pictures of You that one could maybe automatically assume Sam is the aggressor and Lauren is the victim, but I'm not heading there. It is not guilty until proven innocent in my eyes.

Maybe Sam will kick puppies for fun in the next chapter and Lauren will be vindicated.. who knows?

Brandishing Sam as the one who should have made the decision to break up is clearly taking the path in Lauren's favor. Women can be just as destructive as men, and punches don't have to be thrown on either side to accomplish this.

Right now, from the way I have been interpreting the story, Lauren is being more destructive than Sam.

Time will tell, there are ten books in this saga, and we are not yet at the half way point. WHICH MEANS MUCH MORE PICTURES OF YOU TO COME!! (We all win here)
Double Standard?
So many different angles here....

To me, Lauren is in the wrong. It still seems Lauren was the loose cannon, and Sam's outburst was more damage control (ending the craziness/hurt of being neglected).

I think that Lauren should have broken up with Sam earlier on. She shat talked "his" friends (even though the girls are defending her AND listened/talked to her through her questioning about Rick) Instead, she drags him through her maturing phase of wanting to be higher and mightier than his rag tag group.

In my opinion...
- Lauren has been irrational and her dismissal of Sam and his feelings are what really have me in Sam's corner.
Where are your friends Lauren? Having tea and crumpets? Sipping fine champagne?

This is part of why I love this comic. My friends and I used to know a woman like this. She always acted like she was too good for our group. Always talking about us in the sense that we were "not good enough for her" in a passive way.

For example: "Oh you guys like hamburgers? That's nice, I'm into steak that comes from Japanese massaged cows."

Sorry for the blarb of text... just brings back memories seeing how she stays on her high horse, defending this douche bag. Anything to separate herself from this "unrefined" group.

Even if there is a plot twist & Rick turns out to be gay, Lauren's actions speak much louder and are more devastating to Sam.
Man Twist, I'm really enjoying reading this, trying to figure out how we go from this scenario to the prologue scene....

For those who want a quick reference
FROM: "So what if he likes me! Let him!"
TO: (Read page #7)
Kudos Twist!
After seeing Mulligan's response in the last panel, I had to comment.

I love how engaging the story is, and how much depth lies in your character development. This is such a great ride!

Waiting eagerly to flip the pages of Book One when they start to ship!
I love how your story is so engaging! I end up really wanting to see the next page immediately!
Glad to Support You!

Mr. Twist,

We count on your hard work and dedication to produce well thought out, quality artwork...

... and you can count on us to help fund printing these books!

~Side Thought~
Are you doing another live webcast in the near future? Though I missed it live and had to watch the recording, it was very entertaining! More importantly, it was honest. This was no sell-out commercial "fluff piece", it was a true artist getting in touch with his fans.

Thank you for your wonderful, unique style of art & storytelling =)