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probably not working on my comic, probably should be.
@Dranxis: Thanks for the reread!! I always appreciate you dropping by :) :) :)

And it's funny, some of these storylines I wrote long ago and then wound up experiencing them for myself later, or just identifying with a character more than I had expected I would.

I'm glad you find it so!! :D :D
This is me cooking for me and my dad if my mom isn't home :P
I just wanted to say, I've been having a really rough time lately and your comic is something I really look forward to in the morning because I know it will put a smile on my face. Thanks.
@Meleeman: Thank you so much! I do, though there's a lot of digital tweaking/adjusting that I do once the page is scanned, just to help colors and contrasts stand out as well on the screen as they did on the page. The light of the scanner tends IME to wash everything out a bit.

Thank you for your comment!! Jeez, I really need to get updating again.
@Guest: I think I remember hearing about that! As far as I remember the bites aren't dangerous though, and it would require you to catch one of their crazy terrifying bodies in full on jazz-hand escape mode :P
House centipedes :0 :0 :0

They move like a jazz hand. *shudders* The bright side is there's usually just one of them. It's not like ants or roaches or something where seeing one implies many. They're also (of course, and not like it matters) harmless and IIRC beneficial.

Still. Eeughghhhh.
@LotusQueen: Thanks for sharing this, it really made me laugh XD
@The_Hankerchief: a variety of Indian bread. You can get it plain or with spices, potatoes, onions, etc. in it.
Man, reading this one made me teary. ****hugs****
LOL. They're so cute, you can't help but bring them.... and then wish you couldn't....
Ohmygod this comic is insanely adorable. <3
@Oly-RRR: LMAO RIGHT It's such a "well DOOP-DEE-DOO." pose XD

Looking back I knew a lot of people like that growing up, I think it might be more normal than it seems, like some people have one best friend that they stay best friends with for years or deades, but there's also people who kind of wind up floating from being close to one person and another. I think in many people's cases it's a matter of independence or just personal preference, but for Marie, so much of her persona is like, bluff and bluster and I think people pick up on that- it's hard to get really close to someone who isn't being 100% authentic to themself, you know?

LOL LOL BAD BAD POSTMAN PAT SEQUEL XD XD I picture Marie casually dropping the "My family is making me go to my Aunt's farm" convo nugget and everyone just kind of nodding it off like "Yeah okay Marie that sounds nice, keep us posted on that etc." Though yeah, she definitely hasn't written home to anyone, and is playing kind of a spiteful game with herself of "Well, let's see who cares most or at all!" and angrily wondering why no one has reached out... :( :( :(
@Bluezilla: ;;;;;;;; THANK YOU for leaving such a lovely and uplifting comment!!!! So glad to still have you on board as a reader after so many breaks and hiatuses.... I'm not gonna lie, these past few months I came close to, as far as I could tell, hanging up my hat for good, but it seems like things swing one way and then swing back... There's storylines that are coming up down the way that I'm particularly excited about, it's just... very different from where I had intended to take the story a few years ago.

I'm so flattered to hear that Loud Era inspires you!!!! It's been a rough road for me and I've even had times- years ago mostly but still- where I wondered if I was an idiot for continuing to work traditionally when it seems to be a lot more work that way (well, in some ways). And your comments about feeling like you know my characters as people is really encouraging, as it's probably my main concern when I write- "Do these characters seem like real people? Are these actions believable?" etc.


I love the use of the MOODY FEELING SHADOWS and the quick glance exchange with Chance. Also Parks looks adorable in panel 3, 10/10 would buy a plushie of.

Best of luck with continuing digitally!!!!! It's all about finding what's most efficient and you're so good at making everything look textured and weighty that it has that handmade look of a traditional comic WITHOUT THE SLOPPY SHITENESS OF A REAL SAD PIECE OF PAPER

I guess you get to a point where your anger, with others and/or yourself, overrides your sentimentality.

Speaking of "you-know-who," the next scene takes us back to Eddie & Phil, and from there we'll head back to Cecilia & family. At the time of this writing I haven't started drawing those scenes yet, but their scripts are completed and edited, so, you know, etc.
@Squirreltastic-Blue: Glad to hear you appreciate it! I doubt I'll ever do a full stream or anything, and in the past when I've considered taking, like, checkpoint pictures I tend to forget partway through. But I'll try to get some next time I do something interesting.

@Oly-RRR: I was impressed with how fast the tail-end of the process went, it seemed like it took so long to sketch and ink everything, and then coloring just zipped by and editing was even faster....

I definitely agree with you that taking "another path" so to speak isn't bad. I think though especially for osmeone like her, she would have rather had a choice about what came next- not that she'd likely pick anything studious or posh, but she gets annoyed by changes she has no control over.

Yeah it got a bit gray there for a while, not necessarily a bad way but just a "not the right time yet" sort of way- I can see things picking up for me for a while and then deflating again once school stuff starts up. A few times in the past month or so I considered just stopping altogether but I guess the momentum isn't fully out of me yet :P

I guess the only thing worse than seasonal temp work is involuntary seasonal temp work...

It's tough for Marie, because of the cast she's the only one without a direct, identifiable best friend. Everybody else has at least one very best friend, but while Marie is "close" with some of them, she's had trouble making a really deep, authentic, mutual friendship with any of the rest of the main cast. And it's something she's been aware of for some time, but as she's getting older- and especially now that everyone's going their separate ways- it's weighing on her in a way it never did before.
@Oly-RRR: Loud Era has become a summer-time association for me too XD Which kinda stinks a little bit because now the comic is getting into the cold months??????????

It's been a while since we last saw Marie. Not for her, for her it's been like, two weeks.

Next page up next Monday!

This past semester was really heavy for me- I took more credits than you normally are supposed to because I had to fit them in before the fall (and adamantly refused to take a summer class again haha because that was horrible). Some big changes happening for me lately but they're all good, it's more of a relief of stressors than anything else.

There were some frustrating things about this page- things I used to be better at but my skills have deteriorated over the past few years due to lack of exercise- but there were some neat things too, for example the holes in the wood beams of the barn are actual holes I cut out of the paper just to try something different. Cutting paper is probably one of, if not the top of the list, of my least favorite craft/art activities, but I pushed through it and it wasn't too bad.

Like I said, the next page will be up next Monday, and the page after that will be up the following Monday. I haven't started the next scene yet, but life changes have necessitated a return to, like, having hobbies and my own life, so that'll hopefully guide me back to my desk more often. (Job stuff changing & not in a bad way).

I forget if I mentioned it last time but I'm also rewriting chapter 1, and will start redrawing it at some point. It should be shorter than it is now and more enjoyable and set things up a little better.

Anyway- Hope you all are doing well, and I'm glad to see a handful haven't unfaved the comic after such prolonged inactivity.