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probably not working on my comic, probably should be.
NOOO I'm all caught uppp aaaahhh

Well glad to be along for the ride from here on out :D :D :D Apologies for the bombardment of tiny comments. Loving the art and the story and I'm looking forward to whatever you have planned for this crew <3 <3
I'm really interested in the representation of anxiety by like small child versions of Julian, I feel like often in media it gets depicted as various monsters or like "bad adults" from the person's life so it's neat to see the different take on it. Is it kind of like an undercurrent DID thing almost?
shit :'( I kind of figured that's what was happening but wasn't sure :(
omg that sky & skyscape <3
it's fascinating the way this is unfolding, and I have lots of questions but also am enjoying the ride so I'll just try to be patient >.<
loving all the detail on the books and lmao at the cosmo article
This page is so disturbing and immersive
do you outline the foreground regularly, then do the gel pen around the initial outline? and for this page did you color the background black/use black, then gel the tiles, and paste the foreground on top? or like did you inverse the background

I struggle a ton w/dark pages like these and would love to know how you make it work <3
sympathy squints rn aagh he's really in pain :( :(
I love how you render the guys (and girls, on other pages) hair, like I can *feel* the texture just by the line alone and then the coloring really sells it.
yessss the plot deepends
Love the guy's sweet and calm reaction to Apollo's really enthusiastic response :}
It could have been worse, it could have been in the egg section D:
Endlessly impressed by the use of color to convey light.
I love this chapter. And omg I want to reach onto the page and just like nudge him off the roaaaad
@Squirreltastic-Blue: XD

Re: character designs- I definitely don't draw them as many times as I should, but like bare minimum I'd say twice... once to get the ideas on the page, and a second time to see how they'll actually turn out when I try to redraw. Sometimes I find it's just impossible to recapture the initial design. I guess "know it when you feel it" is most accurate. Some characters I spend more time on, but I have no good rule of thumb or reason why.

Lmao. I did the same thing. It took too long to learn not to do that XD That and coming up with what would happen in the next panel.... as I was drawing that panel... so sometimes you get to the end of the page and there's only a small space left when you need a big one, so I'd just leave that corner blank and start the big panel on the next page D:>