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I loooooooooove YAOI!!! XD ...well that's it. Oh, and i love video games a tiny bit more than yaoi (but only a little tiny bit.)
I see who she's changed into now. :3
When I saw Fidus waking up I FREAKED THE HECK OUT. Hnnngggg, update soon :3
January 28th, 2013
Gimme that TF2 reference!! :3
Ahhhhhhhh!! He looks so in love! :3

P.S. Merry Early Christmas
Don't get mad at him!! He didn't know! ;-;
Smex? XD
"Not Yet" XD I can't wait for the next update!!
Seeing you update always makes my day better! 4 pages left? No!! I want this comic to go on forever! D;
I love this!!! They kissed!!! I'm going to explode!!!!!! Update tomorrow! I can't handle the wait and i just read the page! XD
Yay!! Action!! Time for some loving!! XD
XD I love Herz!!! Lunge wouldn't just pat him! Time to investigate!!
Did anyone else notice the tentacle shadow?? XD
I love this comic sooooo much!

Shiratori is experienced?? Scandalous! XD