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I have no space
No room to move around
And this box is getting smaller
I'm trying to get out

I support [most] gay rights/equality, but more importantly, the rights to not have a sexuality.
//asexual forever, and proud//

If I say something insulting to you, I usually don't mean it and don't even realise its hurtful.
This is my "chill the fuck out its just the internet" lame excuse for an apology in advanced.

I'm totally weird, strangely fruity, and believe marijuana should be legalized. My name is GG, hit me up some time.
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its fuckers like these that make me afraid of volleyball.

its so intense.
norman looks like he needs some sleep.
or like his mascara is running...

inside these* glasses
did you know sandwiches can't reach their full flavour potential until they've been thrown at someone's face?

Mark //is// a sweetheart *snorts*


Edit: also, those* glasses, not that o:
ur english is still pretty good though C:
oh dear, you always come off as stiff and creepy <3 its part of your charm.
second panel hands are my fave.
well that knife behind his back looks friendly enough
so i just read this whole thing and i just wanted to tell you,

you draw gorgeous hands.(oh great page to psot this on, there aren't hands on this page at all)
hands are probably my favourite part of the body, besides the hair. which you also draw gorgeously as well.

i just thought i should say that because.... well, you dont find that many nice hands on this site, you know? i get it the whole shojo-anime-esque type style is the main thing and well-defined hands dont often fit with the mood and such but... its just nice.

//hush GG u sound high.
its bad that all i can think is "oh, albino bunny", but this is lovely, my dear.
makes me look behind my shoulder, y'know?

have a lovely week, GD (:
is it bad that when the dude in the 2nd panel said "what does this mean" i thought of the double rainbow guy?

anywho, scandalous indeed.

lol, to me a murse is a man-purse (because i went through the most awkwardest phase in which i needed 3485749 bags for all my stuff) so when i was reading this i was like "he... works as a purse wtf?"

this is cuuuute.
last panel; thats why i shave my arms.
false sense of normality, i have been lulled into it.
she's not dead, garsh.

if i were her i'd absolutely refuse to be told to close my mouth just because its impolite.
oh, GD
im oh shitting all over the place. also, loving that camera.
and the guy with the camera
he's deliciously insane.