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I love your comic sososososo much c:
The way you color and draw really reminds me of Koge-Donbo. It's cutsie!
I love how you draw your guys with hair. Makes them feel like guys, hahahaha.

Fake happy, niiiiiiice!
...... I'm not sure what's going on......?
More comics are NEEDED!
I'm surprised, Monday must be pretty used to acid because he's acting TOTALLY normal.

Acid highs last for SUCH a long time, you can flyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Hahaha
He-He.... Blood <3
Jack is like a Homicidal Artist! There's something appealing to him, he must be oozing pheromones.
AGGGHHH!!!! I love MUSE!!!!
Omigawsh! I remember..... when I suggested this a long long time ago!! Dev your soooo cool! You make heads explode. :D
@KeatHACK :: Ummm.... Okay. But in the book Dragon Riders of Pern impress was spelled Impress (capitalized) you can even check. It's in there.
Ummmm.... Everybody is worked up ofer a comic {{=_=::}}

Anyways, she can be angry if she wants I mean K'mlar was being rude. I don't mean to nitpick but Impress should be capitalized....

I think I might have said that already... You're doing a good job!
Oh, I don't mean to knit pick but Impress should be capitalized...

I love the Dragon Riders of pern! Good luck with your comic.
OMG!!! Sho looks like Yagami from death Note! Your style is so alike! *stares adoringly at her artwork*
September 13th, 2007
OMG! First commetn virginity! YESSSSHHHHH! SHMEX!
..... wow o.o;;
You have such pretty art <33
I can't wait for the comic nya!!
Meron means melon in japanese nya <3