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"talk to the baker?"
Wow. Something I would ask. ( We are both oblivious ) *Snicker Snicker Snicker*
I'd be frightened too if a Half Nekked Marshmallow Galloped into "my" Bathroom.
X] Awww! Can't Resist Fuzzy Feelings... So cute! D'aw.

Well, I bet She's gonna...
We'll see.
How? How do you DROP an onion on your foot to get ice-cream?
Awesome.Just. Awesome.
Where DO you come up with this stuff?
Wow. That was/is great. XD
5. Panel 5. Today I can't count.
Do I see a Piranha Plant in panel 6? XD
BoOoOo! "G" Rated!
Lmoa. Jk Jk.
Wow! Nearly a year? No kidding? WoOoOoOo!
This. Is. Awesome.
I am in love with their outfits. *smiles* Could I have a date with the blonde one?
Near last pannel, the "Hazen-the-background-and-lighten-the-important-stuff-effect"
Simple and Priceless.
More pages!
Darn it. It's over. XC I love this comic so much 8D Too awesome. Ah! and I see some peoples will be watching Jeff and Jeremy? Epic faces on this page.
Bravo my friend, Bravo!
Jef is too cute. D8 Oh no.... The townspeople.
Jer's in the way in the cage! AH!
You rock @ the rhymes. Seriously XD
OhHhHh Snap O__o Hmmmm. I wonder what happened to Hendrick?
Just realized something, I wouldn't have been able to eat the peanut butter cookies, therefore I would have become a cat...... I think too much.
=D Dog nose!