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I'm just an artist with an annoying muse and a writer with too many plot bunnies.
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((Wait until page #8 before giving commands!))
I really do like the new girl Assistant, it makes it even more awesome!
My favorite character is Riona. Unlike most typical protagonist, she isn't perfect and that's what makes her more alluring as a character. She has a few flaws, but they are unique flaws at that. She was a hilarious attitude despite her strange voice. Also, she is honest and a pocky lover, so I can be a hater XD
Sorry it took so long I will get a whole bunch more up
December 13th, 2010
I love this comic!!!! IT IS EPICALLY EPICAL
Blue cat is dekka
The weird darter at the bottom is Tygrine. He claws are throwing knifes and his tail tips are knifes well aint that pleasant
I hate this hmmm hmmm Must work on the cover
Darkness had come.... (sorry for the weird sizes I changed them at like page 11 and they were too big so I had to resize them)
Hmmm Hmmm In the next few pages you get like new people over load
Murp Murp update overload
Moonglow dream is like 30 pages long