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I'm me. I never know what to put on these things, seriously.

Well, I'm an artist, hyper, like anime and manga, like most types of music, and I like cosplay! And there's a lot more to me, but that'll get you started.
Yes, it's a new page! Wowwww no updates since April? I suck.
Now up to date
Naturally, a pair is really two of the same tile.

The comic is now up to date. Hope you enjoyed the fast updating, you probably won't see it again. xD However, I'll try to update at least every few weeks, hopefully faster.
One last comic for today before I go to bed.

Small correction for the text in the page: Although the character for "Hatsu" does mean prosperity, Hatsu represents sincerity according to the myth. Going along with the source I found before the correction though, I used prosperity to characterize her.

According to myth (as before):
白 (Haku)- the white dragon, representing filial piety
発 (Hatsu)- the green dragon, representing sincerity (character means prosperity)
中 (Chun)- the red dragon, representing benevolence
There is a myth about the dragons...
According to the myth:

白 (Haku)- the white dragon, represents filial piety
発 (Hatsu)- the green dragon, represents sincerity (character means prosperity)
中 (Chun)- the red dragon, represents benevolence
Oh, look, a cover!
It's like a book cover, but not!

An introduction for those who aren't familiar with it: Haku Hatsu Chun! (White Green Red!) is my personal project, a silly but educational 4-panel gag comic about anthropomorphic mahjong tiles. It started out as a way for me to remember what I'm learning about mahjong, but I hope it can help other people learn about it too! I would introduce our main characters, but the first three comics will do that for me. ;P Enjoy!

Haku Hatsu Chun! is available in English and Japanese, but I'm only posting the English version here (the Japanese version is on my DA and Pixiv.)
Indeed. Last expression is great. xD
...her hoodie is so cute~ I love all the expressions on this page.
Talk about continuity errors. It seems either her skirts magically change, or she's reversed them since the beginning.

Just felt the need to point out my own dumb mistake.
I love that first panel! What a cute expression! <3
Poor kitty~
Awesome comic.
Great so far! X3
Found my tones. Only the BG is done on computer... yeah, it looks like crap, but at least Merret turned out nice. <3 I try.

EDIT - And yes, Fuzzball does know something. wahhaaa *insert dramatic music*

EDIT 4/30 - no update this week ;_; sorry! Please read news for more info.
This comic is awesome X3
*read through* Cute comic =3
Yay. Much <3 for this comic. X3
Going to make the pages smaller from now on, will probably go back and make the older pages smaller. NO MORE CITYSCAPES FOR DAI... I'm dead now. ;_;

Anyway, the scanner raped the colors and this page is mostly stock dialogue for Mr. Bartender XD Sorry it's really a crappy way to return =P

EDIT - and I swear I'll fix that font. Just not now. Tired.
Just read through--this comic is so cute!
I adore it X3
I feel so BAD... a -filler-... lol
Yeah, here's proof that I didn't fall off the face of the earth. Next comic update is next week, and I promise a late Valentine picture on White's Day (Mar 14), cause I drew one. XD


This is Merret, at about Age 17. The one behind him is Asa, who made him a vampire. She'll be in the comic, but not for awhile...

-Done with Copic markers. I apologize for the crappy bg.-
I'm hurt D=

...XD jk