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I feel like I'm reading my first shoujo manga again, my heart is going wild xD It's been a long time since I felt this way xD
Omg, this page is just..... aaaaahhh I have no words so cute <3
Wow this page looks amazing!
Good luck with your exams!
January 6th, 2017
Damn, as a Linguistics major, this struck so close to home Dx
A little late but Happy New Year!
I love these scenes. They are so alike lol. Also Hiro finally connecting the dots xD
Damn they both look so sad D:
pulling on my heartstrings here. I thought this comic was all fun and games and jokes? What are you doing? (just kidding I love drama and heartbreak)
Hiro's so confused it looks like his brain has stopped working. So curious to know how this will turn out ^^
I love how his fangirls are listening in on the conversation and being shocked as well xD I just really really love this comic it always makes my day <3 now on to the next page, just had to leave this here :D
"It's the first time I have a guy friend so maybe I'm doing it wrong?" The Irony xDDD *laughing way harder than I should*

This comic gives me life. this comic and it's awesomely ridiculous/ridiculously awesome jokes <3
I bet Takeshi's heart is totally going 'doki doki' right now, and he needs to get away because he can't hide his blush any longer ;D
(at least a girl can dream lol)

How did the freshmen answer that question? and who knows, you can never be prepared enough right?
Please stay cheerful too! You're an awesome person! *hug*
I really like Masa's design (and especially his eyebrows)! Looking forward to seeing more of him ^^

And does Hiro know the girls read his diary? xD
Takashi is so done lol

ooooh new characters so exciting!
I find Takashi leading Hiro by his bag kind of strangely intimate and cute? It's not like Hiro doesn't know where Takashi's house is by now lol xD Also I'm amazed that they haven't run into a street lamp or something by now, with how much they are not concentrating on the road xD
I love how Hiro looks so concerned while Takashi looks like nothing's going on xD Though that's probably how it's been this whole comic xD

Also good luck with your thesis! I just finished my bachelorpaper like... one hour ago and I have so much respect for you that you still find the time and energy to make comics at the same time. Hope it goes well!
Really, hiro, best friends? Is that really what you think you're doing here??? xD
Is that even what you want at this point? xD

(Btw love the new banner! Hiro is so cute)
I really wasn't expecting this, but I somehow find it really funny xD Thank you for always surprising us! I'm (yet again) curious to what is going to happen next. Will Hiro turn on drama queen mode? How will Takashi react?

((I never really get why people comment things like "more"! Back when I wrote fanfiction, I would sometimes get comments like "please update asap" and I also got really annoyed by them >.< I guess they want to show that they like the comic, but it really doesn't sound like they appreciate (or maybe they don't realise?) the work you put into it Dx)
Takashi blushing like that gives me life.

(Though I am wondering with all these updates we're getting, is your wrist ok? I mean I'm not complaining, but the worried-mom-mode that is buried deep inside of me has activated)
Aah I'm so curious what Takashi is going to say now xD I'm always so happy and excited when I see this comic has updated :p

Take good care of your wrist though, no matter how curious we all are, your health is really important! Forcing something like this is probably only going to make it worse, so please take some rest!