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I currently work as a teacher in a public school and I've been working on this particular idea now for a year and a half. The strip is inspired by my life as a teacher coupled with the humor of ordinary things happening in an extraordinary situation.

After getting college degrees in Animation and Art, I've been teaching for four years.

As a child, I enjoyed a variety of comic strips and books. My favorite artist remains Bill Waterson for all of the memorable work he has done with Calvin and Hobbes. He has and continues to be a source of inspiration for my own work.

I hope everyone that reads Moriarty School enjoys it and can take something meaningful away from it.
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    N. Rodrigues
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I think the second best lesson is never to get between a woman and her food.
Thanks. They'll get better!
Sadly, this reminds me of myself. Sometime I'm overcome by my own nerdiness. Hmmm...would Scotty stay in the same room with someone that couldn't distinguish between Star Wars and Star Trek? =P
Funny yet sadistic. If I could change one thing...I'd put some Ursula tentacle on that platter, or maybe some steamed Sebastian.
A master procrastinator will put off procrastination... I do wish I could procrastinate more, unfortunately I just don't have time for it. =)
December 4th, 2010
I love roleplaying humor, however I'm curious if it is appealing to anyone that has not roleplayed before? I've made a couple of strips with similar subject matter but I've been steering clear of roleplaying for the most part. I suppose I'm one of those self-hating nerds. We're the worst! =P
I am enjoying your words of wisdom, some of which are clever changes to older words of wisdom. Keep up the good work. And remember...a mind is a terrible thing to baste. I thought I'd try. My words of wisdom are a bit twisted. I'll leave wisdom up to you. =)
Conan the Librarian
It sure feels like librarians want to suck the life out of you whenever you have an overdue book. If you are a librarian, I didn't make this strip. It was my evil-twin bother...Heirophant.
Posturized and Womagenized
What would it take for world peace? I think that if everyone in the world had a lifetime supply of chocolate that the world would be a more peaceful place. Remember kids, chocolate makes everything better!
When I was in kindergarten I distinctly remember playing hot potato. For some reason this activity filled me with anxiety. If you are wondering if I was raised in Idaho, the answer is "No". So this ticking time bomb was thrown around a circle of five year olds until the timed alarm inside went off. Whomever was caught with the potato when that happened was "out". For a five year old, being out is similar to being mortally wounded as an adult.

Oh, enjoy!
Thank you, a little too adorable. I think Godzilla would have something to say about it.
Now 100% Poison Free
Molly turns out to be a guinea pig for a lot of Bobby's experiments. She's usually oblivious and you'll get used to it. Don't worry, no Mollys were harmed during the creation of this comic far as I know.
If you went to a school for villains, you'd hate recesses too. Recess isn't just playtime. I don't know about you, but I used to run away from a girl one year older than I was in elementary school. She always managed to find me...and I almost never managed to get away. All you psychologists out there can have at me.
Cardboard Robots Rule!
So, Ichi wears a cardboard box and thinks he's a robot. I used to make forts in my living room with blankets and chairs. We all could do with a bit more imagination.
I Was Worried Too
I'm glad that you'll continue the strip. The characters are unique and extremely fun. I look forward to seeing more.
November 25th, 2010
First Time Reader
Your line work is wonderful and your stories are fairly well thought out. Do you, or have you ever thought of drawing for children's books?
November 25th, 2010
Mini Evaluation
I do like your quirky sense of humor and I really love the drawing style you've chosen for the characters. Your use of line is great. I'm guessing the font was a stylistic choice, but it was a little hard for me to read with my mummified eyes. Keep up the good work.
Congratulations on 50
I've enjoyed your work. Thank you for submitting a quality strip. Keep on trucking and try not to let the pie get the better of you.
Target Blunder
Have you ever roleplayed with someone that just...couldn't roleplay anything except themselves? Welcome to Mollyland; a land where all of the characters are blonde, have pigtails, and love the color pink.
For those of you that do roleplay, game on. For those of you who don't, give it a shot. The worst that could happen is that you could get a papercut from a lightning bolt.
Dorkinomicon Revealed
Yes, I am a fan of roleplaying games. I figured that these kiddies would have to experiment with them at one time or another. If you love roleplaying games then I'm sure you'll see a bit of yourself in this strip. If you hate roleplaying games and think that they cause people to throw pieces of paper in the air yelling, "Lightning Bolt" over and over're right. That was caught on video, however not every person that roleplays is a complete and total nerd. Some of us have our standards...they're low, but they exist.