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Hello, I am a student at the art academy ArtEZ Hogeschool in Zwolle, studying Comic Design. Besides art, I am also very interested in writing, fashion, sewing, filming, cosplaying, music, playing the piano, guitar, bass and sometimes drums. My favourite band is obviously MUSE, considering I have a whole comic dedicated to them. What I love the most will probably always be creating a "perfect" story with a hidden meaning and telling it to the audience. My view of perfection within story telling is that every little detail is looked after, everything is logical and nothing will give the viewer doubts about the realism of the story.
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I love it! Your art style is so great. <3
Omg poor Allen. I wonder what happens next.
Awesome! I made a comic for the 24 hour comic day as well. It was nice to do.
Nice! :D I like it so far. Can't wait to see what happens next.
This page is my favourite so far. I love the details and the dialogue.
This is perfect hehehehe. <3
This looks cool. I wonder what's gonna happen..
I love it. <3