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Hobbies: Reading, Art, writing, DnD, MTG....

Will I be posting a comic of my own? Perhaps. I have an idea that i am outlining. but the real question will be will it make it to comic form? this I don't know. I keep going through lazy artist spells, and my ability to draw the same characters over and over again is slow when it actually turns out. (this does not help the lazy factor when i can do other art that goes faster) But should I start the comic, I'll make sure to have a few pages done before starting to post so i can have time to keep working on it with readers not having to wait too long between updates. I really do want to make this comic, i really like the idea!

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February 26th, 2012
......ndjkfhsdkj is he seriously fucking surprised that he was crying that whole time? kfnsdjfdsbvfjshfkj
Well, at least he's still preparing him.... it'd be worse if he just charged in no lube, no preparation....
December 14th, 2011
key word "try.........." this is far from over
Short pages.... Effing short pages making us wait longer..... Gah! -runs around room flailing-
Oooo things are getting good.
I like his mom
Knew it.
Is not mom or dad.. is it? XD
September 12th, 2011
hehehehe that smile suggests he was planning this... <3
Shallow characters? No plot? I really don't see how that applies here. sure the plot is a bit slower but it's there. and the characters do have depth.
Oh! yeah that reminds me of the search party looking for him.... LOL I forgot because of the "Shark family soap opera drama" XD
HAHAHAHAHA! reminds me of me and my boyfriend when he was trying to ask me out!
who ISN'T a fan of biting? ^////^

heheheheheheee love it.
this made questions......
Happy Birthday
Hey, Aging isn't unpleasant yet. I'm turning 24 soon and life's been fun/good. The way I see it, its 29/30 thats when I stop aging and will stay at. haha
Blackmail to make him kill?

hehe had to get that in there. :)