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But then again what if you date a girl who says she's lesbian when she just turns out straight? My sister does that alot. She goes around saying she's a lesbian but then she always dates guys. It upsets me how people do that. :/ It's a life choice and you can't just say it like a joke. Causes people to get hurt.
PLEASE! For the sake of all things shoujo, let the poor villain get the girl(guy in this case)!!! I don't think I can handle any other ending. I will die. Not really but still... Please consider this..
Yus :U
Finally! A collab! Amy is based on the type of puppy I want to get but she isn't a puppy. :P
I only get to get on the computer for a few hours per day plus I work on other stuff on here too so posts may take a while but I'll do my best. C: