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This is the best thing I have seen ever
Got stuck up doing an immense amount of homework and tests T_T but pages will be coming soon!
And so starts a maybe friendship! .... Maybe.


@fungeki: Actually there is a reason for that. And thank you :D

@xLightsOutx: Thank you! ~<3
Whoever heard of a Pegasus named Bill :D Don't worry Kimmie, he's not that bad!
@Crimson_Fire: So then question, would a different tone work better or prefer none at all? (i've become fond of at least highlighting the nose). The help is appreciated though you guys, even if you don't like the style, the input still helps me out!
This is amazing! Omg <3
This is actually the redone/remastered/what have you version of a comic I drew in my notes (which initially, was all in German because apparently monsters help to learn languages or something).

Another monster comic, short and simple, nothing too complex just wanted to do something fun yay!

I also realize my '&' looks like a 'B'
@metal_breakdown: OMFG I died, that's too perfect.

I love Ms. Kelley. She's the "best" nurse ever (i use that word lightly because her patients tend to wind up dead) XD
@tsubasa-myuu: I'll keep that in mind on the orange (also had to go check that out now, omigosh sucha cute comic!). For now the style is going to be mixed between the two and no doubt change again. My styles fluctuate since I'm still experimenting and all.

But again, sorry to those who don't like it, this is probably going to stick around, but again, mixed within.
@crunchyblueberry: Isn't "I have to help paint a house" a Mafia code word? -suspicious eyes-
I feel like everyone's going to fight for being in charge. They're killers, they're all gunna fight for their right to party XD each has a different style and is going to want to be in control. Maybe subtly, maybe not!

Also, shipping Evee is when fans (and sometimes authors) became particularly fond of specific characters and think they'd work well on a sea-faring ship as crewmates. I think. XD
Two cards from DJ!
Hope your Valentine's Day is killer!
@queensilian: As long as you have a fish tank big enough! x3

@LeahR95: Or is he a douche? -spooky hands- Maybe he's really a nice shark man, he just seems like a douche cause he has sharp teeth.

@roxjey: "Like with birds?" - Davy Jones
And just like that - ANOTHER :O
A PSA from Davy Jones. "Don't be a Don or Kraken!"
@Diseasedface: You'll get to see Pauly's parents soon enough :D (more so her dad, mom is always, always busy, I mean, she is Death afterall!)

@scribe_drizz: But tooootally embarassing!

@LolliC2: Oh baby!! XD

@Cactus Luv: Huurr!

@Qlock: He's an embarassing dad!

@4nto: Nope, no Spanish. I do know a bit of German though! (I'm in my second German course, so I can like, tell you my name and all that cool shit)

@Briar12345 and minespatch: I'm getting back into it, I am sorry I haven't updated. I'm going to get back on schedule! PROMISE.
Remember that time I drew comics?
Me either!

Working on the next page NOW. Going to try and get back into a schedule X____X
Zodiac - you are too smart! Why aren't you the leader! I guess craziness overpowers smarts in the group huh?
September 26th, 2011
Not yet, was away in Vegas for my 21st, I'll update asap though! Sorry!
@Cactus Luv: There's going to be a lot more derp faces, I'm trying to step away from what I usually do and make it loads of wtf and fun XD

@Diseasedface: If you did that, Pauly would probably die of fright (if she wasn't already dead). Monsters need to stop being so scary!!

@Evonlas: It's some more rumors about how Pauly may have hooked up with Don and Ness :D (so my buddy tells me, seeing as I made him write it lol)

@4nto: Not me, I try to get the people around me that know other languages to do dialogue for other characters because obviously monsters come from all around and they're not all going to speak English.

@rhey: "Sure thing, dollface" - Kraken

@that_dead_chic: Cause he works out at the gym picking things up and putting them down! X3

@LolliC2: Such is highschool, full of meanies. Someone's always going to pick on someone.

@leorabbit247: You can hang with them, as long as you've got a fitted cap!