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Sorry about last week guys. Considering We're leaving for wasteland weekend this Friday and our wedding is in less than a month, WW and wedding stuff come first, unfortunately. Anyhoo!

Hope this ridiculously detailed page is good enough for the wait, everyone. Lee's background, too, though I didn't draw that bit.
@Frostwings: I think everyone does, to be honest.
Lee does have some pimpin' hair.
Here we go!
That's it for chapter 1! Thank you all who are following this comic and have been faithful when I was having trouble. Update on Thursday will be Chapter 2's cover! :'D

I'm kind of surprised Jeff's battery hasn't run dead yet.
@Frostwings: We're absolutely flattered by your generous compliments, and we're more than happy to have you with us :')

@Iron: Thanks! It was your confidence in me that gave me a boost to pass the test! *sobs in triumph* XD
Shading will be added later, after work and my driving test. Wish me luck!

By the way everyone...There's only one page left of Chapter 1. Who's excited for Chapter 2? I sure am.

(mostly because I've already done the cover art)

Edit: I passed! :D
Surprise page! :'D Man. And it's not even Tuesday!

Friday will still have an update, of course. I just thought that, since the comic was on such a long unofficial hiatus, everyone deserved two pages this week.

Happy readin'!
Omg, what is this. IS this... A NEW PAGE?!

Yes, I am finally back. *confetti, the good kind*

I now have a semi normal way of doing the halftone shading, I just have to get used to it and, as always, improve the way I use it.


After being on recovery so long, this damn chapter is almost done! Just a couple pages left until we see more people! Not just Angry-Man, Jeff, and Lee. And whoever was at that convention.

Anyway, stay tuned for this Friday! And let me know what you think of the new shading! Is it great, lame, the same as it looked before? I'd love to know what you think.
WOW. Long time no see everyone! Sorry that you have an unfinished page (technically) for your first update after how much time it took for me to get my computer up and running. But we have a few problems/events going on that are hindering the comic right now:

1. Comic Con
-We're going to be attending San Diego Comic Con and because our costumes are still in production most of our time is consumed by cosplay workings.

2. I'm on a completely new OS
-Because my computer was so corrupted I could not undo whatever happened that caused my computer to boot continuously (yuck). So, I had to install windows 7 and completely wipe my primary hard drive clean in the process.

....Which explains why Lee and Jeff look so naked. I lost all my screen tones in the process. Screen tones which took hours to create, in a canvas size I don't remember. Yuck.

So, I just want to let you all know (you awesome followers, you) that I won't be updating until after comic con is over. By then, my whole schedule should be alright, I will try to think of a way to shade everything in a way that is similar to what I was doing before.


So, tl;dr is computer was messed up, I fixed it, lost crap in the process, and I'm doing comic con stuff so It'll take a little more time to get everything back to normal.

Til' then!
That's Jeff's NO DON'T LEAVE ME face.

The Thing looks so adorable!
I guess someone finally took their dishes away.

Also, Lee, expect to get interrupted a lot more from now on. I Was tempted to do a Kanye West joke instead of this page XD But it's a little over-played now.
Oh my god! What grade is that? What does that even mean! I wonder how long she stayed a teacher in that school... Then again, it's Vegas. See, I had this Geometry teacher that I didn't really learn anything from. He just stood up at the front of the class and usually just talked about his vacations in California. All my counselors were even worse. Has anyone ever had a good counselor in school?

Also, cue hyphened-incomplete-sentence that you won't be able to finish until next week.

I also hope everyone enjoyed the cat poster.
Thanks! Glad to have you join the group :>
Well, Jeff, that wasn't your drink.
So, I want to apologize for there not being a comic last week. I know some of you are probably sick of it, but money comes before comic. That, and our apartment was fumigated, so I couldn't be home for most of the day XD

Anyhoo, a page in which there is some more talking.
The most ridiculous face, ever. If I could make it any more ridiculous I would.
It's true!
So, apparently, my Droid decided I didn't actually need to go to work this morning since the alarm didn't go off at 5:30 AM. This is why you didn't get an update at the crack of dawn (pacific time) XD<br>
Also, that isn't, in fact, blood that Jeff is dipping his french fry in. Unless you count it as the blood of a tomato, then I guess, yeah, it is.