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Names Kaitlyn, usually go by Kait. Currently working to redo my lame attempt at a comic, on top of being at college.
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Bruh, not everyone knows what poison ivy looks like...especially if it's not common where they're from...And, Kylee kinda proved he's not a nature boy...Forgive the small emo
Dude, I was so excited when my guess about 'Kuro' being a twin was actually right, and now I sit here, rereading this cause i wanna know who he chooses? Kaoru? Shizu? Both? AHHHH
Well Then
I kind of didn't expect this to have updated, but I'm actually super happy I found out that it has. This is probs one of my favorite comics. Guess college has me forgetting to check on here to see if updates happen.
Love the new color and designs, and can't wait to see more.
Well, Jayden is a little cutie went from cute to scary in 0.2 seconds flat. Poor thing heart hurts a little at Terence's face in the last panel
An update on my birthday! YAY!
Dat gif XD It fit that moment sperfectly... I can't wait!
This ship has sailed....and I love it!
I can't wait~
Oh, I wonder how this will play out.
Can my twin and I have the Kuro twins? Pwetty please?
Poor thing, two gods after him. He just can't catch a break
Whhyyy did I fond this only now?
Yay, thank you for an update and good luck with your project!
;_; Oh, poor Kleio
I have a twin and we want Kaoru and Shizu >:)
Yay! I can't wait to see your updates.
Mr. F.. He was a total cockblock but he saved them ;_; Kurogawa, you owe that little damned feathery thing
So cute!