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I love anime, yaoi and porn! And that's all you need to know!
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I still kind of want a Clefairy to follow Atticus around after this like a pokemon version of George. One that randomly explodes in combat.
December 6th, 2013
Can I make fanart? Is that ok? * O *
Uh huh...And why does Zeus hate Hades so much now?
Oh my god...This reminds me so much of Legend of Zelda! I would attack the chickens just to run away from the angry chicken hoarde. Ah, memories...
Oh Dune...I read the book after watching the 'short' version of the film. It was a lot to take in, especially when one is looking for adventure and finds a story around an all knowing messiah in a universe addicted to sandworm carcass dust.
Dingaloo has got to be the best word I have ever heard ever!
Nooooo! Mark, don't tell him that, now he'll never leave you alone!
Oh GOD not again!

Taking one for the team...
Beanie guy! How do you see????
Does this mean that Sou's finally realized that it's an apartment, not a hotel room?
There's only one way to get pubic hair on your face~
Victory Fanfare
Uh-oh! Who could that be~?
Daaaaamn, Zeus!

Cronus-IT'S A TRAP!!!!
I've always wanted to say that~
RTFM, man! RTFM!
One of the guys from my high school signed my yearbook with "Mama will fix it!"
Sou's outfit definitely looks like it...
Good luck on your exams!