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I am a girl. Amazing eh? I know. I'm so cool. haha.
I love...Fire, music, my dog, mountain dew, butterfingers, vampires, fire, music, mountian dew, sun chips, GUM, music, fire, duct tape, my invisible boyfriend Compaq, music, mountain dew, fire, my vatti's lighter, bonfires, roses, my camera.
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Failing Math...
I'm failing math.
So Daddy Dearest is restricting my computer time till I get my grade up.

Stupid math...I swear it's greek or something. -_-
lol thanks? lol
I apologize for the crappy coloring job. XP

Someone should slap me for being so lazy.
I survived by dominating them and declaring myself their leader. teehee. ^^
So after being gone so long I realized the style ya'll are used to me drawing in is no longer how I usually draw...

This ----> is pretty much how I draw now. Personally I like it better, but if ya'll want me to switch back I can try. XP

So...long story short...I got abducted by raptors...from Atlantis.
Aka- my friends.
When I didn't have homework, friends were dragging me away from ze computer. And when i WAS at the computer...I could never get up enough drive to actually...draw something good for this.

BUT I RETURN! And I am SO sowy about leaving for so long...XP
Page up soon, i promise!
Sowy again...
I've go so many projects due that I HAVE to work on a bunch, so this comic will be postponed more...bleh.

Sowy guys, I really am. *dies*
lol I'm just A.D.D, no hyperactivity here, just lack of attention.

haha my doctor lady would be shocked by you xXTheMadHatterXx, she told me I was the worse case she's seen yet...muahaha!
hahaha except they're giving me depression meds too.

no lol it means i have a severe case of A.D.D and am being forced to take medication.

Should be fun.

the rock and two candy bracelets scored a positive three, while i scored a negative eleven. (note: there was no real rock and candy bracelets, but that's my real score.)
Sowy I haven't updated lately, so here's a mini comic to keep you busy.

I got tested for A.D.D the other day. I scored a negative 11. My friend said this, I thought it was funny, so I made a comic. ^^
*le gasp*

This reminds me of my friend Mason..Eerie...
hahahaha this comic amuses me...*favs*
*gasp* it's my favorite story! I'm excited.
ahhh there's no more!!!

I must fav this then. lol
that's not creepy at all...*sarcasm*

yet i love it.
holy snap. The art just gets better and better.

wow. amazing art. *stares*
Love the cat.
*GASP* another update?! It's a miracle! It's a sign of the apocalypse!!! AHHH!!!

haha just's's just a sign of me finally getting over my art/writer's block. YAY!