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I'm only a reader here. In fact, I can draw quite well, but it's not like I have the motivation to draw a entire manga XD

Plus I'm french, so I will probably do horrible mistakes.
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Great work at mastering the emotion. ^^
It's seems that this page is not working anymore...
Happy Envy
Héhéhé Funny to see he is still laughting in espagnol.
Yeah and I am laughting in French of course. XD

Great story! Super histoire.
Ha ha so funny! You deserve it you pervy palmtree!

But poor ducky didn't do anything!
So sad... But everyone can see this comaing. >___> Aaah such an embarrasing and akward situation.
I don't understand everithing on the last pages but I'm maybe just a fool XD Poor guy with evil teddy who always stalk him... I hope it will be all right for him...

Oh and you're avatar is kinda creepy...
I love the reaction of the older one, so great. but finally he intend to do something new. ^^ I'm looking foward to this!
Mouhaha, that was rude, but Envy you totally deserve it!

Love you're commic by the way!
That must hurt...
Omg So there actually was an update. Don't worry every one know study is very important, keep the good work, you're comic is great.

Hitting is head in this moment must really sucks, this poor guy is already so stressed.
I was sure I just see an uptade right now. >< Maybe I want the next page so much my brain make me see it wrong. ><
I want next page so muuuch! I click on the next page like crazy. ><
Well, he actually look kinda serious indeed. XD
Quite an open end, but I looove those possibility. ^^
February 20th, 2011
What the heck is going on? Defeat the badguy! Fighto fighto!
To much suspens!! >.<

And to cuuute!
I Loooove this girl XD

Well a normal personne would say "What the heck are you" but it's Herz after all XD (bad me ><)

You're comics is amazing I read everything, un grand bravo!
So cute!!
Uwaaah so great!


Want the next page so bad now!
First mouhahaha
As good as ever to draw faces, I love the first panel so much.

Mouhaha! Comment virginity for me.
Nice face.
Since I am a lazy ass, I don't often write comment. But I must admit you draw the face very well especially the zoom on Lyle's face!

The plot of the story is great too.

Good work. ^^