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Yeah that makes sense i guess <3 i kinda figured that, that girls were generally better at drawing girls and vice versa for guys <3 anyywaaayyyyyyy ahhh <333 i like im in love w naoll <3333
April 20th, 2011
waahhhhh ooommyygosh so cute <3 >3<
April 19th, 2011
rereading for like the 3rd time Looovveeit <333
April 19th, 2011
ohhhhhh ddaaawwweeee :)
Pretty sure it will XP and i love your style Ah-Ma-Zing! :D i cant draw guys for, crap
Seriously I have no idea who he is! Haha love it
:d I love that " try it I dare you" XDDD
WHY IS HE LURKING??? <3 gorsh i love your chibis A-dor-ablee~
hhaha "you couldnt tell?" wahaha
Wow PinkBlacks been my favorite for lik it! <3
Waahhhh hahahah I laughed so hard omg idek why gosh so funny! haha
Wahh i <3 it "or your freakishly tall body will block everyones view" haha
Wah this is kinda extremely hot. smxy wahahahaha
Wahhh the suspence!! Grr gosh i love it <3
Wahh your comic makes me giggle *teehee*
waahh i love the lest panel :DDDD
dawwwee imma cry :((( i wuved it ,,,but oh well i guess :(( *teartear* *sobs*
wahhh hahaha :)