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Savour the little details.
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February 23rd, 2011
Stay classy, Josh! (That's the way to impress someone you like!)

Oh lord, I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
February 23rd, 2011
Josh speaks logic! He couldn't just leave Mark if he's unconscious, so he did the noble thing and brought him home to his bed ^___^

I love Josh's scars. Did he get those from his punker days?
February 10th, 2011
I'd say Carrie, but I don't know why she's got ties with the janitor... (unless she's roped even more people into watching Mark than we were led to believe). Is she some sort of mafia boss? Lol, great plot thickening, there! I'm very curious about the next page.
February 8th, 2011
Good going, Josh. Take that initiative!

Also... Janitor is awesome. Moreso than I'd originally thought. I wonder if he's working for Carrie as well, or if he's calling Mark there XD

Only one way to find out! *reads more*
February 8th, 2011
Poor, poor Josh. Things'll work out in the end, but now he's got an hour to kill with a lovey-dovey janitor.

Josh is very amusing <3
January 26th, 2011
Lol, Mark is so cute when he realizes who Josh is. That realization could be Josh's ticket into his pants!!
There you are, my love!
Awww, the Janitor is even cuter than I remember! He's going to have to try hard to get in on this action, but I have a feeling it will be for naught.

Thank you for bringing him in. It is a great way to start the new year!
Oh, Josh, why am I not surprised?

This is a really cute picture, thank you for making it! (I love cozy moments like this in winter.)
December 9th, 2010
Smells like victory! Now, as long as Josh doesn't say anything to make Mark roll his eyes and walk away... he's gotta be smooooooth!
December 8th, 2010
What if it's an emergency this time, Mark? Better answer it and see what he wants this time. (Maybe he'll be more direct this time and tell you what he *really* wants ^_^)
December 5th, 2010
Lol, oh, Josh just keeps trying doesn't he? It might be a bit obvious what he's doing, but I think Mark is just so tired he doesn't realize Josh isn't that dumb.

I love them both, though. They work so well together.
Lol! Poor Watson!

(I lol'd so hard because... well, this is pretty much how it went!)
I like this a lot. The poor creation... Dr. Frankenstein was such a bastard.
November 18th, 2010
Hehe, it figures that Josh would automatically assume any conversation he overhears would somehow relate to something that benefits him.

(Of course, for all we know he just unplugged that cord so he could have an excuse to get Mark down there ^_^)