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    You shall never know!!!! Mwah ha ha
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Burst through the wall of the building at high speed shouting, "The British are coming! The British are coming!"
This page contains epic amounts of epicness so epic the epic meter epicly exploded in an epic explosion.
OMG, this is awesome!!! *fav*
Nii: Randomly pull out a burrito from your pocket and chuck it at the counter guy.
Rosa: Start singing.
I repeat my previous command. :3
*Meta KNight Fangirl Alert*
Randomly pull out a sword and charge at the guy at the counter shouting, "For the mother land!!!"
Nii: Shout, "LOOK A WHALE!"
Nin: Look around frantically and shout, "Where?!?"
Rosa: Do a hand stand.
I repeat my last command.
Sparkly.... O.O
Nii: Turn around and shout, "Look a whale!"
Nin: Steal the headphones.
Rosa: Do the Caramelldansen.