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HI! I'm TheBest0justjokingxD, for short call me Jojo.
I'm a tradicional artist, and I have a anime/manga style. My favorite animes are Fairy tail, naruto (before shippuden), One Piece, KHR and Pandora Hearts.
I don't draw in the computer but I'll try... someday xD
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    Joyce Sue Stapleton
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Yay first to comment :D
hiiii omg the wolf is so awesome aikii-san ^^

I can't wait for more pages *m* ~

great job
waaah, can't wait :D

I love your art, good job :D
I love your art!!! it's really good. and the story line too, but I kinda feel bad for iwate-kun
I want to see who Becca is D:
but even If she has a point, in the incest part, I still want it to be like that
'cuz it adds so much drama and stuff