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love reading, writing, drawling, and play Video Games: RPG and Fighting. Also i'm a yaoi fangirl and am in collage to be a Game Concept Artist
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"suck it up" nice just started laughing reading that
yes before you kill him break him even further
@micmacmonroe: would it be cannibalism though? i mean technically they are different species just hope Josh doesn't eat anything she gives him *shutters*
*jumps back* DAMN! Nice detail.

well if that one girl didn't do it i am at loss as to who had the opportunity to do it.

wait what if shes still there?!?
he killed the dog WTF!
You tell him girl!
just read this from the begging. Love it you really capture courage and katz personalities.
come on Josh realize what Chika did before you get just as hurt.
wow hope Cas hears him and rips a wing off
oh wow so beautiful...
@ANERLIR-SENSE and @Silverix probably because in this one your getting a view of what happened from the players not someone outside looking in.
that last panel is making me a bit nervous to learn how she lost the baby.
man this page makes what happens even worse. have to say this chapter makes Chika more likable then the last one.
wow the look on her face you can just tell right there something broke in her.

Damn man poor girl defiantly get what she ment at the end of the last chapter.
0.0 on man what COLD!
oh wow what a bitch...why is she even with him is she thinks hes disgusting. Oh man please josh slap the whore.
....or i so agree how can you marry a humanoid if you don't line animals? Wow why did he marry her in the first place??
Oh man love that outfit
good luck with recognizing him now haha
love the last two panels nice little comic relief.
Kid better run for their LIFE