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Complete Stranger
I commented on a bunch of web comics using the name Complete Stranger, so I figured I should make an actual username out of it.
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The weather is lovely today
"I have a name you know"

Please let what she said be along those lines XD
All everything they've been through, Harold still doesn't know her real name.

HAAAAAAAAA I love these two.
Holy crap. It's been so long since I've commented on one of these things. I'm so glad that you're regularly updating again! Curious to see what happens next >:D
Do I ship this?

Looks like I do. Huh...
I am secretly hoping that their motives (and methods) aren't as evil as they appear; that they did that they did out of a desire to become more like everyone else or to 'fix' themselves.

But if the Inversians all just turn out to be evil mad scientists, I'm totally down for that too, bring in the guuuuuuuuuuuts
The suspense :o

I feel like he won't end up taking Gabe, there's gotta be some kind of deal they can strike up.
Awwww :D
I love this <3
Don't worry! We will always love you.

I have those stockings. I have that vibe. I am you.

omg, you have no idea how much I love cats. I adore cats. They compel me to comment about them and only them, even on pages that are only marginally related to them. I do not know your kittens, but I love them already <3
"Well, gee, it IS kinda implied that you killed my childhood friend and stole his friggin' face. Kinda feels like you'd owe me more than the other way around if that turns out to be true."
Oh my God! Purple used to be Brown!

...why does saying that make me feel so very very racist?
@Claude: Actually, I think it was less about him being ugly and more that not only is he not her childhood friend like she assumed, but that he has the EXACT same mask as said friend. If masks are like faces, then we can assume the mask he was wearing is definitely the one that belonged to the blonde friend. Now think about what he said earlier- if you see a mask with no owner, that means someone had possibly killed him and took his face.

If tall, dark-haired and not-very-handsome is to be believed, then worst case scenario, he killed Chris' childhood friend, stole his face, then used it to trick Christine on purpose. Which is kinda horrifying.