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I'm kinda stupid.
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ahh, my life's been a mess so I haven't been able to keep up with things much, but I just caught up with the comic and how I missed it! the story is getting so good
Congratulations!! Time sure flies!
I hope you have a wonderful successful life and career! AND MONEY! SO MUCH!
And just like that Jura is deemed a weirdo and is uninvited from the hockey team. Good job kid!

omg I had a horrible time at life lately and didn't have my pc anymore so I couldn't really follow the comic these past few months, I'm able to catch up just now and OMG I MISSED IT SO MUCH. DON'T EVER STOP MILKY
New banner ayyyy

Oh, Hirn has healing powers? But that's cheating! Not fair to the other doctors!
@*milk+assassin*: I feel like he's really overbearing, I think is the word? Like kind of brainwashy and controlling
I don't know if Herz's brother was really cute or really creepy. Maybe both. Leaning more towards creepy. Very nice.

And omg milky good job on part 1! the comic is so good, hope to follow it for many years to come
whoa what the gosh darn heck is going on

I guess Jura is gonna get PTSD but at least he'll win the fight, good job Herz
Oh wow I thought Herz was so nervous that instead of just biting his nails he ate his hand haha
How come Jura can see it too? HMMMMM, suspicious, very suspicious
Shorty really does have the supernatural in him
aahh when I saw Herz's face I expected his brother for some reason

hmmm let's hope no one dies here
Whoa Herz you lack the brains but at least you got the looks
Nooo don't feel sad the comic is still great

I'll admit I'm one of the guilty for not visiting as much but I'll blame college!! It kills both my time and my spirit and I think other people are the same
I'm sure things will pick up during vacation
I'd help if I didn't sound like a creepy monotone kid and if accent when speaking english wasn't atrocious. But good luck with the flash page, I'm looking forward to it!
This is so cute ;_;
I don't know what I expected but it wasn't that lmao

Happy birthday!!!
van helsing lmao
Yes you can, Vanilla.
I made more than one friend in highschool because they would just... not ever leave me alone, even if I asked. (And then I grew to love them and now I kind of miss it)
oh my god this fucking dork
what the hahaha

and oh at first i tought maybe herz's body was fighting back autonomously like it just couldn't take it anymore, i don't know why?? good to know he's fighting back!