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Heeey. x3


I'm Fugi? Okay, that's not my real name, obviously. But call me it.

Anyway. Um...

I < 3 you, kay?
I don't think I've told you lately, but I looooove this comic. x3
Oooooh, I can't WAIT for the next one! -fidgetfidgetfidget-


-fidget some more-


Humpty Dumpty? xD Haha, that name makes me laugh...
I've been kissed! n.n Um, a lot? I suppose? Yes, with tongues. Because I'm just that cool. =P

By my girlfriend. <33333

But yes, I hope when you all have your first kisses, it will be speshul. And when you have your first speshul kisses, they will be uber-speshul. <333
Wow! He has a jaunty crown instead of a jaunty hat! But it's still amazing! x3
Yup, I prefer the photoshop style. It's easier to read, I think and it looks cuter.

By the way, I lurve your webcomic. xD