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my, what interesting.....genetics you have there....

Anyway it's a solid piece of work from what i can tell.
One thing I do is make a set background and just put my panels on top. Then I distinguish them from the background with either shadows or a glow, like in New Leaves.
Resizing at different rates gives more perspectives and a more interesting read.
Also if you get Paint dot net, find a comic on here called Waffle's guide to paint dot net, it's quite helpful.
Anyway you are doing great for a new guy, i know my comics didn't look like this when i first came here.
needs to be bigger, can't really see it
I've always wondered how you decided who controlled the shared body.
@metaboo: the one on the far right looks best by far in my opinion in all aspects: hair shading, bangs, and hair shading
I agree with spark th's comment but i think if you were to do a bit more tweaking to make her more unique you would have a great character
I just read my way through and I can honestly say that this comic really has my attention.( which is very rare.) Can't wait to read more.
Here I tried several effects from PDN: Motion Blur, Fire,and Dents. I also attempted to make a comic, and a watermark. I used Pokemon sprites simply because they were the most complete i had on hand. Oh also try and find the pedobear head in the comic.

Thank you Bringer_of_light and i just realized that i posted on comic 911 which is coincidental since i had a fire theme in this.
@AndrossTh: the thing on the side are small wings that are purely decoration
#2 but i think u should try an altogether different shading pattern. one that puts more depth in the sword, seeing as the style of sprite shane is, is very depth oriented.
I got inspired by project shane to make a blade because i wanted to see how i would do on a sword. Custom all the way. How did i do? Yea i added the line thing as an afterthought and that's why it looks so wimpy on the largest image
@AndrossTh: looks decent both sprite and sword but his left( our right) shoe looks a little bit long and the way the pants fold seems a little off to me. As for names I'm thinking something with an H
Stuff fixed
I got rid of the spike on the fro, and attempted a body and drawing expressions.
still completely custom
I put a spike on the fro on purpose, it has something to do with future plans for this character, so leave it be.
About the plan...
I know it sounds ridiculous and I'm sure someone will bitch about it, but I'm gonna do it anyway. I'm starting with the last sprite I made and working my way back, so for those who actually are willing to sprite them just know you have to get more creative the farther back I go.
Writing a detailed explanation of how I messed up on the sprite works too. Also I'd like to make a human as an author and a few human characters. Anybody can show me a tutorial on how to make tall humans? Thank you :D.
Or ya know...use a different species.
he looks like he's leaning forward while he stands. Which i'm sure hurts his back. just a suggestion but maybe you can move his chest and torso back by like a pixel or two.
well everything's gray to represent balance between darkness and light.
And i actually meant this to be (Peasant form) Raike.
colorblind shit? how so?