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hello, I love to draw, listen to music, speak in random languages and many other things =D
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Ok, no, I am NOT ending it! Don't worry! This arc is just taking a little break for a different one.

A small contest on RoChu squad on LJ inspired me to do an arc early. So Britannia Angel Vrs Serpentine will take a backseat for~ *drumroll* PANDAMAN VRS VODKA SUNFLOWER! >D I've already started sketching pages~

So, do you want me to start posting this arc now or wait till I have picked up and finished the current one? o.o;
Yay for extensions! =D I can finish my entry~ *happy dance*
November 13th, 2009
Page 4 is up a day early since I will be helping entertain my grandparents |D Yaaay~ *flails*

I am much better at drawing Liet now, but these next few pages with him are older, so they suck DX

Drawing Russia in spandex is actually more fun than it should be.......much more fun D:

*wonders how many people will kill her for evil!Liet* |D

REMEMBER!! Guests can comment on pages to! You do not have to be a member of Smackjeeves! =D
November 10th, 2009
There is a page before this |D

And so starts my HORRIBLE attempt at effects and crap |D;;; I had fun with this page, but I really like the page after more. Won't say'll just have to wait and see ;D

REMEMBER! Guests can comment on pages! =D
November 10th, 2009
You guys are getting a treat today....2 pages! =D

This is also because some friends are wanting me to update like now instead of wait a couple more days xD;;

REMEMBER! Guests can comment on pages! =D
November 7th, 2009

I am trying out new stuff with my paneling so bare with me a bit |D I had fun with this page~ Drawing Iggy is fun! So is the villan in the corner. If you can guess the villian's name, I give you a cookie =D
Hello everyone! =D You've stumbled onto the first page of my little doujinshi for Axis Powers Hetalia! I really hope you will enjoy this.

Sorry for the lame text. I'll fix that later ^^;

Check back sometime next week for the first page!
September 23rd, 2009
I-It's still Teusday here so I'm not late D: SORRY!

I love doing chibis too much |D

I forgot to colour Koro's braclets in the bottom panel and gave him a choker for some reason XD

Till Monday!
September 17th, 2009
I-I'm so terrible OTL This page is so late....I'll try super hard to get the next page up on time. if you don't see it Monday, expect it Tuesday instead.

I'm so sorry people ;o;

On a side note...I enjoy colouring these pages where people are all beaten that bad?
September 7th, 2009
Hey everyone! in case you missed the news post, the scanner problom was solved and everything is back to normal. Once I get the scanner levels right, pages will look normal again too ^^

Jasonu's evil. I wanted to sow that a little more |D'
I am TIRED of this scanner crap >____< I don't know how many applications I've sent out to businesses, but as soon as I get a job, I am getting a new fucking scanner. This time it's not so much that the scanner is broken. Oh no. It's software is apparently not compadable with the new Mac software. So now, we have to wait for HP to come out with new software so we can use it. DX This is why I hate Macs and love my PC *hugs it*

Anyway, until this happens, or until I find a better solution ( second is more likely to happen, I promise you ) I guess I'll have to do fun fillers .___.

I'll post a random character sketch each week till I get this figured out. Luckily, since it's only one update a week, maybe I'll be able to find a solution after a week or two. Wish me luck guys.

Next time, I'm doing/scanning like, 5 pages in advance or something so this doesn't happen again =___=;
um.....I have no excuse other than I've been in Super Mario mode lately ^^;

Jasonu's gonna be showing his scary self next page. All I will say is poor Kori! >:

@ Twinny: If we were able to hide behind them, we'd have no troubles ever, but they hate us, remember? XD No, it's not bad at all! it's great in fact!
August 12th, 2009
A little late, but here's the next page =D

I made practically blank cause I'm lazy and it would have looked weird with a bg I think..*cough* That crystal ball is fail, pretend it is not.

I'm going to start replying to comments in the author post of the next page (like I've done below) that way you get a response and you'll actually see it XD;


RE: Kirlily- Thanks very much! That last part was my fav to do :3

RE: Twinny- I know, right? |D It's a tad freaky. You think he would learn not to by now, but then again, i had a hand in him being the interviewer. Don't think he'll be doing so anymore XD

I'm sorry! D: There was no room! You might want to return those though...he'll come after you D:

@ Kandri- Glad you enjoyed it =D Jasonu's such a perv XD;

There will be anouther Q&A thing closer to Christmas so you can ask him then =D He'll enjoy it!
Hello all ^^

I decided to do this page digitally to test the waters on how long it to traditional for tregular pages XD;

Anyway, there were 4 questions asked, but I only answered 3 ;o; I didn't really understand the third, but I'll ask the person and answer it next time i conduct an interview. Not sure when though.

Anyway, this was fun. It was great coming up with the character's answers (Jasonu's especially

See you all with a regular comic next week! ^^
Next week, we'll have our filler comic =D You can still give me your questions! And if you've already asked one, please ask again!

NOTE: If I get more questions than I can answer in one page, there will be a bonus update on Thursday with more! =D

RE: Kandri: Your question is the most fun to answer so far XD

RE: Twinny: Now Twinny, he needs his pants >>;
Hi all! ^__^

Saddly, I have some news that's not happy D: There's going to be an update next week, but the week after, there won't be one. My grandparents are coming next week and demand my attention ALL WEEK DX *flail* I'll have a filler, but I don't want it to be a blah one. I would like it to be interactive!

SO! Here's where you, the reader, come in! Ask any question to the cast! Anything you want to. Just post a question here (Remeber non-users of SJ, you can still comment! ) or through PM. Then I will post a filler of the characters answering your questions. =D Sound fun? I hope so.

So get asking, people!!!!!
OK! So this thing's been not wanting to load here >>; I had to shrink to be itty bitty so if you want to see a GOOD version of this picture, you can see it on my DA <--- There DX

Anyway, this is something a good friend of mine drew years chapter of the original comic long ago D: I found it the other day and decided to make this pretty on the computer....shading sucks but I dun care! It's still pretty!

From L to R- Kori, Jasonu, me, Kage, Koroshiya, and Piyo. Piyo may not stay in the comic, but then again, he depends on if I can find a better role for him or not. |D

See you all Monday!

the artwork is my friend's
the colouring is mine, so are the characters
oooooh I've been excited for a week to post this page!!! >w< I did it in colour cause A) these bloodie pages look better that way and B) as an apology for being lame with updates lately. D:

Also, I don't know if it came out clear or not, but that body has been there a few days....I know blood isn't that colour after a few days but pretend! D<

Check back on Thursday for a special update. No, it won't be a page, but a nice Illustration of some of the cast =D

See ya then! >w<
Look! I'm on time! YAY!!!! =D

I'm not too fond of this page, but eh. It'll keep the story going |D

Next week is a colour page to make up for my neglect. OTP;;

See you then!
I hate being sick .____. *blows nose* Fear not though. New page will be up Monday.