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I'm Morgana Irving by name, and Kohi by familiarity. I'm a FanFiction writer. I like Writing, reading, playing video games, cooking, Cosplaying, Traveling, and playing on my Ocarina.
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your new style is really nice~ :D I love it!
I'd love to see what you do with this, I'll be waiting for your update if that's what you decide to do! :D
First class on the Squee Train!
How much for a ticket in first class on the Squee Train?!
@Aspharr: I have found my people.
Can't wait to see more! It looks like it'll be a fun story!
Welp there goes my plans for the day... Now I just want to spend the entire day hugging her...
oh nooooo! D: don't cry! pleased don't cry! just give her hugs and pats on the head and candy! she's too cute!! D:
I'd be laughing too :3c
@Keenan: Oh! Oh oh that would be so cool! :D if they actually picked up and paid Yamilink for her story I would totally go see it in theaters, buy the DVD and merch. * A *
ah :D First page is out! I wonder what she'll name her pokemon...
but...but it's okay because she's cute and you'll love her...
Giselle is so pretty /) o w o /)
"It-It's not like I want to pet the super cute talking kitty or anything!!"
if they turned her into chocolate......would she eat her own hands? That sounds delicious and painful.... conflict!
Welcome back! :D I hope thinks work out better for you now, I really enjoy the comic!
ahhhhhh! She's so cute! Sparkly eyes over a cat talking to her<3 My god I would cuddle her for days and it still wouldn't be enough cuddles!
bring it on! If it's you then I know it'll be glorious!