hi i'm kivyn and i like spriting big monsters more than i like anything else

my skype is at changingcoloursproductions !!!! so if you need to contact me abt anything, please do it there, because im literally almost always there
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abt five years ago I made a fucking harem anime story and now here they are again, the fruits of my labour, except now theyre all gay
@Shakes: while I definitely agree on the small details(what can I say, ivy demanded the sprite had an aloha print shirt) not going over well on sprites of this size, i'm ngl I really cannot see the pillowshading on the hair.
I cant really tell where your lightsource is. I can see top left, top right, but also directly right as well. and the stance is a bit...awkward, like the arms held out way, way to the side like that. i'd also suggest making the lightest shades of blue and red on the shirt a tad brighter, bc as it is now they blend into the second shades and look too dull.
August 31st, 2016
@Midnight Thunderboy: id like to see you fucking make me,
@Majora: i just keep coming back kind of like a rash on your ass

@o-CamTro-o: ty boi
August 28th, 2016
I dyed my hair recently + I haven't used this style in a long time = new pixelself yeahhhhhhhh
it's been a while since I've done a real pixelself - one of literally just myself. the last few that ive done have always been, like, me summoning ghosts or being an evil queen or some shit??? and like yeah that's *me* but not actually me

being an evil queen speaks to my fucking soul but, yknow, no legitimate crown on my head here, so

anyyywayyyyy I hadn't used this pixel style for a while so I figured id go with it, and since id just dyed my hair I figured I was in need of a new pixelself
@kwane: as many times as it takes

this isn't even my final form
The shaping and shading of the pants looks a bit stiff? Kind of like they're made out of plastic. Other than that, very nice, I especially like the weapon.
something I started working on and then stopped caring about. I need to make another pixelself at some point lmao
lets see how long me being active on SJ lasts this time around

was fooling around with my old pokemon PAs, decided to make a novice trainer one for myself.
here's something I started back before I lost my old laptop(currently I'm on a new cheap one I just bought) that I stopped working on once I got to the ghosts because I stopped caring so this will never be finished oh boy!!!!
August 25th, 2016
this doesn't mean I'm back lets just put that on the table right now

so I lost my old laptop a while back which is semi-why I haven't been posting anything, though I hadn't been posting for a while before that happened tbh

smackjeeves is a weird part of my life, I do like it a lot and I feel when I'm in the right place it can really inspire me to create and get better at my art, but a lot of the time it just makes me feel anxious and pressured. and a lot of the people here are assholes and/or people I feel liked ive wronged by being unable to consistently and reliably create.

so!! theres that

anyway heres wonderwall

being called anta is surreal now but yea im a faggot

dont play ff if you value your pride
i dont like this very much but here you go anyway bc hey posting things is good
FINALLY here we go this is the full main cast of what will probably inherit the name Precious Metals

Breeder Kivyn, Delinquent Connor, and Mysterious Trainer Tessa

god okay time to actually get to work on the things i dont want to do
nivs right(our right) arm looks off to me somehow?? maybe just the way its positioned and all, it looks like it's just the forearm? and maybe it's just because of how the hand is overlapping, but the boobs just look like a block.

lex however looks absolutely fantastic, love the shading.
so here are the protagonists of the yet unnamed pokeymengz comic which i will be attempting

me, a beautiful breeder, and my husband, a low down dirty delinquent
it's been a while since i made my last pokeymengz sprite, so i decided i should once again try and make a whole fuckign comic

here's hoping that i actually get somewhere with it this time

in the meantime here's me,