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Yay! An update! I <3 you~~~~~

I want to make some fan arts for you or something, but I have no time. OTL
YAY! i love this page.

New update makes me happy! ^-^




Love the page!
February 4th, 2011
I like this comic!!!!

He's so cute. I wanna read more! >w<
Hi, new reader. I love it! So cute. >w<
I think this is a great page! >w<

I love it! >u<

*giggles* So close! :DDD

Please update soon...?

February 3rd, 2011
Thanks for your kind words! It sucks missin someone, but it's okay.

Love the update by the way! >w<
He he~ Matt, you're so cute.
*dies of laughter*

I love you! I love your colored pages, and would love to see more eventually. >w<

But I just can't wait to re-read the rest of the story in this comic form!
OMG... It's really over...
I'm going to miss waiting for updates to this... I love the story so much, you seriously made my day! Congrats on finishing this web comic, and I would so buy anything you sell! <3
LOL! I love what you're doing with this! Can't wait for the next page!!!!! (or the end of the chapter... ;) )
I'm bettin it's going to be some random girl, and he sees Alex and goes for him. ;)
I love this page! You're doing so good! I love you! ^//////^
Hmmm... Love where this is going. ^.~
January 15th, 2011
Oh no... this can't be good. DX

Lovely page. ^_^
I love this page!!!!! Can't wait for moar!!!!!

Yay, I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that likes him. >w<

I really like this page, and wish I could draw like you!
I love this comic! Sorry, new reader here. And... yes, I is a man! ^_^
I don't get days off because of snow. I still have to work... - _ -

But i love this page!
You're doing a great job! I love it! And i'm sure you will do great, no matter what, k?

I love the way you're drawing all of them by the way! Matt looks so cute!!!!! And I kind of like Danial... I know, I'm weird.

>w< This page makes me happy, I love it so much! *waits patiently for more*