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@Loverofpiggies: What do you mean colored? /sarcasm
This is going to turn into a yaoi, isn't it?

Piggies you son of a bitch you got us all. You tricked us all into enjoying a SJ Yaoi.
They're both stratosversians
What's with the queens nose ;-;

((No people, none of anyone's explanations have made sense about the nose. Especially it being a shadow. That makes no sense since everything else is shaded))
Coloring looks awesome dude! Though personally I would of done something a bit different than a simple blue-to-yellow gradient for the setting sun sky, but that's just me. Maybe would of made the outer wall glow a little with a slight blur filter.
Honestly I'm a bit upset over the abrupt ending.

But I'm also understanding how much this must of dragged on for you, so I don't blame you.

Thanks for the story. :)
This has nothing to do with your other comic, nope, absolutely nothing what-so-ever, nope nope nope!
The zambies ate the leg and they had to amputate it.
@MegaMiner71: That's kind of why I said prosthetic. Prosthetic legs aren't made of actual living tissues.
So he's a dude just like that?

Knuckles must throw the meanest abortion punches in the world if he's able to knock the girl out of tails like that.
Pfff, she can just magic a prosthetic limb.


That is a pretty good wide shot.
Either she's miserably happy or possessed by whatever deity gave her that hat.
Wow thanks Jessie, that was really awesome of you!
Sonic knows not to fall for that BS.
That Rhino is going to die from allergies, that's just a miserable way to go out.
the glasses pierce through his nose ;-;
he left the group
Glad to know that Wallis is handling this rationally.